2022 Arizona North

Remember when we used to have a thread about each regional competition? I’ll see if it still works…

Looks like it’s going to be pretty chilly in northern AZ this week. Dress warm

1726 is about ready to go, with our smallest team ever.

I’d like to welcome all the Colorado teams this year.

see you all later this week!


Well I don’t have a team this year, so I am throwing my support behind 7426 at AZ North! Here is their teaser >> Team 7426 Pair of Dice Robotics - FRC Reveal/Teaser 2022 (Rapid React) - YouTube

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Ah man! I thought I was going to see you there. I couldn’t remember exactly which of the 742* teams was yours. It has been too long since Sin City Showdown.

Chilly… 8 degrees F (Thursday low with some snow) is nowhere near my definition of Chilly :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to seeing everyone again at a real event though.

The record low down here in Sierra Vista is 3 degrees, which happened 11 years ago. So, 8 is pretty darn cold. And if you live in Phoenix or most of the areas of the state, anything below 60 seems chilly.

I think I’ll go anyway! IDK if I will be there Thursday or Friday though. If 7426 doesn’t need my help, please let me know if I can help the volunteers in any way.

Tators are looking forward to returning to Flagstaff for the first time since 2018! Always a good competition at a terrific venue.


4183 Bit Buckets are almost sorta ready, looking forward to a great first event for our almost completely new team!

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A little cold never hurt anybody… the weather in flagstaff looks like it might be a few degrees nicer than it will be at home in CO! I’m excited to see y’all there, Good luck to all the teams competing

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We don’t seem to have anyone on the team doing a reveal video this year, so this will have to do.


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Wish I could be there but excited to watch. Expecting great things from all the Colorado teams. Good luck to everyone competing!

Big thanks to the event organizing committee and all the volunteers! Walkup Skydome remains one of my favorite venues but it is the people that make the event special! Also, thanks to our partners 114 and 1726! I only wish that both could advance to Houston CMP.

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