2022 Awards Submissions Editing Assistance Available

I would like to offer 2022 FRC, FTC, or FLL award submission assistance to any student participant or adult mentor that would like an independent review of their written work. Mentors, feel free to let your students know in case they would like any assistance. For students, I am able to assist with all awards essays and even scholarship essays. (I’m also happy to help with homework, but please give me a bit more lead time for that!) For mentors, I’m happy to review Dean’s List essays or other work written on behalf of your students, and make suggestions for you.

I’ve been editing essays and judging for FRC over the last 20 years. Not sure how to get started? Check out my guide here - it can give you an overview of how to begin writing any large essay, not just WFA submissions. I will review your work and give pointers regarding redundancy, spelling errors, inconsistencies, structural flaws, and other small grammatical issues, as well as content from a judging perspective. You are obviously not committed to using any of my corrections or suggestions - this is strictly peer review.

Quick notes:

  • I do not share your work, ever. As a judge, I recuse myself from judging any essays I have helped to edit.

  • I will have your submission back to you within 36-48 hours, or warn you in advance if it will be longer. Usually, it’s much shorter than that.

  • Feel free to send me even the roughest of drafts. I will edit and re-edit as many revisions of your entry as you would like.

  • Over the character limit? Don’t worry, that’s my specialty.

  • If English isn’t your native language, I can help to refine your essay for grammar and phrasing to make it easier for native English speakers to read.

If you’re interested, please feel free to contact me via PM or via [email protected]. Simply send me a link of your award submission (MS Word, Google Doc, etc.), and I will send back an edited copy with my recommendations and advice.

Since this comes up almost every year: If you are reading this and it’s outside of the 2022 season but you’d like help with a homework essay or scholarship submission (or future 2023 awards essay!) - that’s OK too. Send along to the email address above any time of year and I’ll help you out.

Best wishes to every team submitting for awards this season!



To everybody who is reluctant to start their Woodie Flowers Award effort, don’t be! @Amanda_Morrison 's help has allowed us to make a better essay than we ever imagined to be within reach.
We started with some errors in English (being an international team), way over the character limit and with no idea how to propperly answer what the judges are asking. Amanda’s experience in this really shows, she understands the deepest intricacies of what differs between a regular and WFA winning essay, and helps to bring that knowledge to other teams.
Currently she helps us with our Chairman’s Award submission, where her help is once again invaluable and helps us to achieve a new level of detailed, concrete essay writing.

Don’t be afraid to approach her, the quick and collaborative nature of the communication between her and the team in question is awesome!

Thank you Amanda!

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