2022 Build Season COVID Protocols

Good morning and Happy New Year -

Has anyone sorted out any policies and/or procedures for any new ways you will manage Build Season this year with COVID in mind?

Thinking about, but not limited to:

  • having multiple pods to limit contact tracing knocking out a large group
  • limiting time in the shop to increase sleep time / immune system catch-up time
  • backup drive, pit crews and chairman’s teams to be prepared for last minute exposures

Our school district hasn’t adopted the 5-day CDC guidelines yet, so we go into the season with 10-day breaks still a real possibility.

Any last minute thoughts/ideas?


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This omicron variant is highly contagious, but minimally severe among the vaccinated and boosted. A lot of people are testing positive with no or minimum symptoms. I also imagine a lot of people are testing negative but still are positive. I have heard from several vaccinated and boosted family members who have had breakthrough covid in the NYC area. These were cautious people who were being safe, but became ill, and recovered quickly.

So, just do everything you can to be safe. If you can design and code remotely, do so. You have to be vaccinated and boosted. If possible, get tested frequently, especially if you are in an in-person classroom. Limit the build and drive team size. Of course, be masked and gloved at all times when building or operating.

Good Luck.

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