2022 Bumper fabric question

Can we use one type of bumper fabric on one side of the robot, and a different type of fabric on all the others?

I don’t think this is illegal as long as its the same color, actually saw 5090 Torque Nados this weekend at Detroit and it looked like they had a slick fabric on the side they were intaking. Pinging @jaunvie to see if they had issues with this during inspection.

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I don’t believe there is a consistency rule about bumper fabric. I believe you could have blue bumpers (Elim underdog) with defensive fabric and red (Elim higher seed) with offensive fabric.

Defensive Bumper Material

Offensive Bumper Material

Actually we had slick reversible bumpers on 3 sides and a grippy (changeable) bumper for the front.

We were having trouble intaking cargo with the more slick bumpers (made from Weathermax, a marine canvas) and the velcro was sticking to the cargo* So we switched to a truck tarp material (it’s a vinyl) for the front.

We were still having trouble with the cargo slipping off where the numbers were (Which were specifically split and placed at the ends to try and prevent that) So we also switched the front numbers to outlines, which is permitted by rule R406 (1/16" is allowed, but we used 1/8" outline so there would be no question)

*Always put the hook part of the velcro on top so there is no chance of it sticking to the carpet.


Oh… to actually answer, no we had no issues and this is completely allowable. LOL


Maybe we made a mistake and the Slick Red Bumper Material 161in x 19.5in (+/- 0.25in) - AndyMark, Inc was supposed to go overtop existing fabric. But we bought the slick stuff in 2020 and found after reciving it that it was only 200 denier as supposed to the 1000 denier of the Red Bumper Material 161in x 19.5in (+/- 0.5in) - AndyMark, Inc. You could see the pool noodles underneath and we had other tearing issues because the fabric was so thin.

Thank you for the help! It was greatly appreciated!

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