2022 Cargo pieces

Im having a hard time finding a link to the 2022 Cargo game pieces. I know the true cargos were sold thru Andymark, but cant find a link. Id rather have the real cargo verses the pet store balls.

I couldn’t find the actual cargo pieces anywhere myself, but the petstore balls are actually almost exactly the same when it comes to the important features (size, shape, toughness, etc.). Most of the differences are minor and fairly inconsequential.

Looks like they were discontinued. CARGO for RAPID REACT℠ - AndyMark, Inc

Looks like they learned their lesson after 2017 fuel :slight_smile:


I believe that these are darn close:

They also come in bright yellow and bright orange if you don’t care about the red and blue colors.

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In addition to 28,591 fuel, AndyMark is still sitting on 397 gears (also from 2017), 1265 cargo from 2019, and 140 power cells (mostly unofficial yellow) from 2020-21. Vex still has some 2019 Hatch panels.


This is a great source of scrap lexan if you dont mind the markings. Einstein approved.

We used a hatch panel on our bot this year to protect it. We probably had a dozen teams come to us about it at champs. It also made a cool spot to put rgb.

Now we have to find a way to put a 2022 cargo ball on the robot.


The 2017 fuel (a.k.a Andymark Packing material) makes a great way to cover your RSL:


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