2022 Carver Division

2022 Carver Division: https://frc.divisions.co/r/south/d/Carver

|16|Bomb Squad |Mountain Home, Arkansas|
|59|RamTech |Miami, Florida|
|179|Children of the Swamp |Riviera Beach, Florida|
|604|Quixilver |San Jose, California|
|620|Warbots |Vienna, Virginia|
|695|Bison Robotics |Beachwood, Ohio|
|696|Circuit Breakers |La Crescenta, California|
|870|TEAM R. I. C. E. |Southold, New York|
|987|HIGHROLLERS |Las Vegas, Nevada|
|1089|Team Mercury |Hightstown, New Jersey|
|1138|Eagle Engineering |West Hills, California|
|1296|Full Metal Jackets |Rockwall, Texas|
|1323|MadTown Robotics |Madera, California|
|1622|Team Spyder |Poway, California|
|1690|Orbit |Binyamina, HaZafon|
|1700|Gatorbotics |Palo Alto, California|
|1796|RoboTigers |Queens, New York|
|1885|ILITE Robotics |Haymarket, Virginia|
|2046|Bear Metal |Maple Valley, Washington|
|2073|EagleForce |Elk Grove, California|
|2129|Ultraviolet |Minneapolis, Minnesota|
|2239|Technocrats |Hopkins, Minnesota|
|2451|PWNAGE |Saint Charles, Illinois|
|2491|NoMythic |Saint Paul, Minnesota|
|2626|Evolution |Sherbrooke, Québec|
|2637|Phantom Catz |Rolling Hills Estates, California|
|2642|Pitt Pirates |Greenville, North Carolina|
|2718|Team OKC |Oklahoma City, Oklahoma|
|3008|Team Magma |Honolulu, Hawaii|
|3218|Panther Robotics |Bonney Lake, Washington|
|3284|Camdenton LASER 3284 |Camdenton, Missouri|
|3928|Team Neutrino |Ames, Iowa|
|4028|The Beak Squad |Cincinnati, Ohio|
|4125|Confidential |Umatilla, Oregon|
|4153|Project Y |Los Alamos, New Mexico|
|4159|CardinalBotics |San Francisco, California|
|4472|SuperNOVA |Woodbridge, Virginia|
|4561|TerrorBytes |Research Triangle Park, North Carolina|
|4598|ICARUS INNOVATED |Sandy, Utah|
|4635|PrepaTec - Botbusters |Monterrey, Nuevo León|
|4639|The RoboSpartans |Katy, Texas|
|4788|Can’t Control |Perth, Western Australia|
|5199|Robot Dolphins From Outer Space |San Juan Capistrano, California|
|5338|RoboLoCo |Leesburg, Virginia|
|5727|Omegabytes |Spindale, North Carolina|
|6024|R Factor |Mumbai, Maharashtra|
|6364|Ten Ton Robotics |West Vancouver, British Columbia|
|6421|WarriorBots |Muskego, Wisconsin|
|6510|Pymble Pride |Pymble, New South Wales|
|6919|The Commodores |Albany, Georgia|
|7451|AvengerRobotics |Cumming, Georgia|
|8020|CyberpunK |Taipei, Taipei Special Municipality|
|8177|Vector |Tomball, Texas|
|8531|TermiKnightors |Milwaukee, Wisconsin|
|8738|Slice |Fuquay Varina, North Carolina|
|8742|Argyll Attack |Fairmount, Indiana|
|8748|Tecmilenio- DEROS |Durango, Durango|
|8849|Storm Robotics |Alpharetta, Georgia|

Carver OPR


1690 + 1323 are somewhat likely to take it all unless the division gets scorched


Well, maybe we could play the matches, anyway…


This is gonna be fun, cant wait to see the pre scouting sheets come out.

Always a chance someone like 2056 or 67 gets assigned to the division and shakes things up.

Also no one is unbeatable all it takes is your bad match to happen at the wrong time for a division to get flipped on it’s head.


It’s pretty neat that we were assigned Carver division as we are sponsored by and work out of his alma mater, Iowa State Univ.


Three words… match schedule matters.


I’ve know about a few teams who either had major failures after winning comps and have completely turned on their head this year. No way to completely guess the future anyways.


Fellow Carverians!
2637 is excited to meet so many new teams at the FIRST Championship this year!

We’re interested in forming scouting alliances with other teams in our division (we use a modified app based on PWNAGE’s ScoutingPASS). We are aware of many teams facing logistical difficulties and thought it would be in the spirit of Coopertition to share data with anyone in our division. Whether you would like to borrow our data or be willing to scout using our app (or just general FRC team helping FRC team things), we would love to work alongside you!

Look forward to seeing you there!
P.S. Feel free to visit our pit for free pins or for friends who wear a ridiculous highlighter blue to every event :wink:



PWNAGE would be glad to join you in a scouting alliance!

We are slightly familiar with the scouting app you mention. :wink:


Additionally, we will be sharing our scouting data with a basic team analysis tool called WarriorWATCH at Carver as well. Data for this tool will be gathered by 6421 and 8531 (may be more, TBD) and made freely available. Something we’ve worked hard at is making our information easily accessible and usable by folks of all computer skill levels, if you’re familiar with Excel, you can use WarriorWATCH. If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link to the Google Form which will email you a Google Sheets link upon completion. We’re excited to see and compete with all of you at Houston!

(If you’re interested in helping us with this effort, please shoot me a message!)

Preview of how data is formatted, currently the information shown is from Wisconsin Regional and will be updated closer to the event starting


I can’t wait to see the traversal rung race. See which climber is faster, 2046 or 696 or if there’s a dark horse climber out there :eyes:


1502 has joined the Carver Party. We are very interested in sharing scouting.


Wait… there’s a traversal rung race in Carver?


We hoped to have the opportunity to see you live, was very happy to see you at Carver


Not in Carver, but very excited to see 4907 in person. And hopefully hear them a few fields down


Thank you, we’re looking forward to seeing “Parker” in action. Seeing all these high scoring robots in one place… amazing!

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I really hope that 2046 and 696 will communicate and do a perfect simultaneous traversal climb


Hopefully everything is fine with 1690 robot


It was horrifying to watch but the damage is minimal.
Unfortunately some screws were bent from all the matches we played.
Here’s a close-up picture with our mascot, Orbiton: