2022 climb rotating on high rung

Is it possible to grab the mid rung then hold the high rung and rotate 180 degrees to reuse the frist hook to grab the traversal rung.

Are you thinking rotate the bot or your hook arm?

That’s the idea. So we can reuse the same hook for the last rung.

There are no official game rules against that strategy.
Physics, on the other hand, may have other ideas.


Rules wise yes, there is nothing that says you can’t rotate your bot as far as you remain within frame perimeter. Moving the hook arm is your best idea. If you are a younger team then I’d suggest using 1 static hook and 1 dynamic. But that’s just personal advice

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Something like this?: Thoughts on "simple" multi-stage climbs? - #25 by Maxwellfire

Also remember that your bumpers need to stay below the High Rung.


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