2022 Climbing rules question

Is there a rule against touching both the Mid and High Hanger bar while still touching the ground? This is assuming that all robot rules including Robot height and extension rules.

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If you’re able to contact the High bar while still touching the ground, given the robot height rules… I’d be surprised.

It’s POSSIBLE. There’s no rule against it specifically. However, you’ll be mighty close to the height and extension rules…

With the top of the mid bar at 5’ 1/4" and the high bar at 6’ 3 5/8" you can not legally reach the high bar from the floor. You would be extended beyond the robot height limit of 5’ 6" in the hangar zone. You can reach the mid bar, but you are close to the limit even there. It looks like you would need to latch onto the mid bar and then “traverse” in some fashion to the high bar.

unless the high bar grabber was on front of robot, and it was tilted almost vertically

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Can you please draw a sketch of that? I don’t understand.

I believe you’re referring to an orientation like this?

I would imagine if this were the case that the robot would need to be quite long as you can only extend 16" out of your robot. Additionally, you’d need to figure out how to tilt the robot backwards to that angle. My first thought is that something in the front needs to protrude down to tilt the bot over, but I think you would be violating the bumper zone rule in that instance. Interesting idea!


I don’t know if you saw the discussion in another thread about using the driver station to angle the robot. It’s possible if not advised.


I believe you actually only need to be tilted ~30deg as a minimum.* Consider a tilted right triangle whose hypotenuse is vertical and the 6’ 5 3/8" rung height. The long side is the 5’ 6" max robot height telescope. This leaves:

  • Base = sqrt(75.625^2 - 66^2) = 36.9in, for not a terrible chassis length particularly if you’re sticking out 16" on one (or both) sides. (As opposed to the 43.625in+16*2 you’d need to be if you were vertical).
  • Tilt = acos(66 / 75.625) = 29.2deg

*Literally none of this is toleranced. Do not do this.


It would be a pretty good bet that the GDC has done the sort of calculations shown here to guarantee that getting to the Traverse Bar will not be easy and that any “obvious” solution will have some fatal flaw that is perhaps not so obvious. Since there are two GDC’s working on games for alternating years, they have lots of time for their devious minds to ensure that the harder parts of each game’s challenge will be difficult for the top teams in the world.

TRAVERSE RUNG, definitely. It’s pretty obvious just looking at the geometry that they deliberately designed the wall distance and rung height to put it just on the edge of theoretically possible (almost certainly impossible with appropriate tolerances).

This is a HIGH RUNG question, though. I would wager the HIGH RUNG challenge is not so much the quoted geometry as it is how to achieve that geometry, since unlike the traverse rung the ALLIANCE WALL is ~5’8" away from you. Getting your rules-compliant robot at a 30deg angle, in the correct position, without the wall to push against is a highly nontrivial task.

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