2022 FIRST Championship to be Houston Only

Where’s the picture of Andy Baker in a nun costume when you need it.


Congrats HQ. You just screwed over the entire NE district. DCMP and CMP back to back weeks??? This bites.

EDIT: might’ve been a bit harsh with my original statement above and I apologize to anyone who takes offense to this. I’m still not thrilled with the news. I didn’t know that NE was planning on hosting a townhall at the time of my original post. Hopefully something good can come out of this and help the teams affected by HQs decision.


Apparently FTC participation in FiM this year is down by ~60%, if that’s any indication.

(According to an FTA at the event I was at last weekend, FiM had ~600 FTC teams pre-pandemic, and only ~200 FTC teams this season. The event itself was also running only 20ish teams instead of the usual 40ish, and not due to any restrictions by FiM or the school).

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I’m worried about how this will disproportionately effect district teams to regional teams. I would expect wild-card qualification to go away for regional teams, but I struggle to see how they can take away any other regional qualifications (3 winning teams, rookie all star, chairmans, EI). So unless they somehow expect they can fit 800 FRC teams at the single venue, districts will be the place it is easier for them to cut qualification spots from, decreasing their share of representation relative to their actual share of total FRC teams.


I just realized: this is great news if you’re one of the 9 people who are really into trading FRC merch.

(I’m one of those 9.)


This is insane. Michigan teams (as other week 7 DCMP) are going to compete four days in a row at MSC and have to leave Sunday night/Monday morning to drive to Houston? Come on now.


Insert Bender meme here


How about those with a week 6 district, followed by the possibility of week 7 state champs and week 8 world champs? :anguished:


FiM already increased the DCMP capacity to 200 teams (as of 2020, but I’d probably expect this to be reduced although it’s all I have to go off of right now). This would mean a much smaller # of teams than usual would probably be eligible to advance by merit due to a reduced championship team capacity, and an even smaller # of teams would be able to afford to make the trip immediately after the championship ends. I still don’t completely understand not having this in Detroit instead


I’m very glad to see the return to a single Championship, but this line kind of concerns me:

Is there something else that’s going to be a factor in eligibility? Will there be some other thing that has to happen beyond what you typically do to qualify for a Championship and will it be something teams can control?


I read that to mean they’re not planning on going 50-50 on having Houston and Detroit home teams.


Imagine the MSC teams who compete week 6, then head to MSC, and then down to Texas…going to be pretty wild to get school and work done. Then you factor in practice/champs upgrades?



If we’re going back to one championship, can we move it back to Disney World next?


CAD on the bus, slap the omio between the rows of seats. Sure it makes full robot testing slightly harder, but you can do that at gas station stops. It’s a solid plan.


I think that a large factor in this decision is the possibility of foreign teams not to being able to come, so this may not affect qualification requirements for teams in the US.

This is going to be too much for many teams to handle. There won’t be time for pre Champs practice or upgrades. My expectation is that MSC will be the end of the line for many Michigan teams, even those who qualify for Champs.


NE is in the same boat, week 7 DCMP and a few day turnaround. It’s gonna be really tough for a lot of people.


I’m less concerned about upgrades and testing.

If we qualified and could attend, we won’t have time for any COVID tests to come back from the weekend before from our Week 7 DCMP being packed in with teams before we need to leave for Houston.

This is just turning into an absolute no from us.