2022 FIRST In Texas District

Week One Events
FIT District Waco Event
FIT District Dripping Springs Event
Week Two Events
FIT District Channelview Event
Week Three Events
FIT District Austin Event
FIT District Fort Worth Event
Week Four Events
FIT District Irving Event
FIT District Pasadena Event #1
Week Five Events
FIT District Amarillo Event
FIT District Pasadena Event #2
Week Six Events
FIRST In Texas District Championship

District Championship was announced today, its week six, and located in Houston, at the George R. Brown Convention Center. This is certainly interesting!

Currently 153 teams registered.


We’ve also been told Texas is planning a two field/division District Championship with approximately an 80 team capacity.


Hey Texas teams, are y’all making an everybot and do you need help with getting the hooks for the climber made? Team 2158 would like to help you out if you need, we can cut the climber hooks on our router(out of 3/4" maple plywood) for you and arrange pickup at your first district event at no cost. If you would like the hooks sooner you can pay for shipping and we’ll get the hooks out to you as soon as possible. Send me a dm or email me at andrew.iversonp@gmail.com to arrange your set of climbing hooks. If any one knows of teams making an everybot in Texas please pass this message onto them.


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