2022 FRC 4607 Week Three Recap

Made by multiple members of FRC 4607.
Music By: Oh The Larceny


We have learned a ton of stuff from ~3 hours of driver practice so far. Our practice setup isn’t ideal since we don’t have an upper hub built. We also need to stay on the carpet while driving, but aside from the impact of bounce outs, it’s been really informative about our own robot and how the game might be played.

Primary Takeaways:

  • Intaking bouncing balls doesn’t feel like a huge priority for us - they seem to largely settle before we get there.
  • The fender shot is going to be the key for a lot of teams that win early events. Our open loop (at this point) shot accuracy seemed decent enough from point blank range, but still enough variance that I would be scared of longer range shots.
  • Our current ball path has no jamming issues that lock up the robot after sending ~400 balls through it. There are points that jam which can be corrected by spitting the ball out, and those need to get corrected, but generally it’s a good starting point for how early things are.
  • It feels like collecting/scoring a single ball at a time might make some sense, especially when you consider how the balls interact with each other in the air, and how spread out the balls will be on the field. It will definitely be situational, but drive teams will need to know when to score a single ball versus when to collect a second ball.
  • The intake is going to go through like 50 more iterations between now and our final event. (Maybe even our first event at this rate). So many small improvements to test out.
  • This is the earliest we’ve been able to drive and test a robot with a fully functional ball path (intake through shooter). It’s going to be fun to see how that impacts our effectiveness at an early event.
  • We performed a bunch of impromptu design reviews on the CAD prior to building this robot, but there were still so many things that we discovered while practicing that weren’t possible to learn via CAD.

Here’s an uncut video of some of our practice from yesterday if anybody is interested. I’d be happy to answer any questions about our specific design or offer input about what we’ve learned so far.


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