2022 FRC Control System Diagram

Link to the pdf can be found here

Here is a wiring infographic on the new 2022 Control system hardware, with the new PDH, PH and RPM from REV and the RoboRio 2.0, as well as the addition of a Falcon 500 integrated motor and controller on the diagram.

The diagram is a derivative of the control system inforgraphic i made in 2019, all of the other components that were not superseded by the new hardware are still present. The document is also now optimized for a 24 x 36 poster size instead of an 8.5 x 11 letterhead size and has several visual updates from the 2019 diagram

let me know of any more suggestions, more than happy to implement them if need be.

please note that this diagram was made in reference of the most recent game manual(2020), it will be updated if need be once the changes related to the new hardware are presented on the newer (2022 and newer) manuals



Thank you for everything you do!

Looks great! Really well designed. I wish FIRST would use your diagram in the manual.

FIRST will be using the diagram on the FRC Official documentation site. Hardware Component Overview — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation


This is very nice. Thanks for creating it. One minor point – it would be good to use lines for 26AWG for the PWM wires shown in the legend.

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This is very nice work.

I notice that the minimum wire gauges are not listed for all the motors. Even if this is repetitive, might be worth calling that out consistently.

Also, would there be room to add the maximum current capacity of each wire gauge to the table at the bottom right? This would be helpful for knowing what size breakers to use.


Seeing the control system diagram is making me think. Will you ever do a pneumatics diagram similar to this one FRC Pneumatic System Diagram - Technical / Control System - Chief Delphi


might be a possibility, more likely in the summer if i decide to do it though

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This looks great! What do you use to make it? i would like to be able to get that level of polish.

I just noticed two small mistakes on here. The fuse for the radio power module should be a 10A fuse, as per rule R617. Also, that wire can be 22 AWG as per rule R622.

This is really good work. What software do you use to do the layout? Are you willing to share the blocks so we can do our own version?

Per R620B, shouldn’t the PH be on a 20A fuse?

Yes this is an old version of the diagram which has been updated. This was discussed in a different thread (will link here if I can find it) earlier this year. The Pneumatics Hub can be powered via one of the fused ports with a 20A fuse or any larger PDH slot with a 20A breaker

The diagram on the original post yes is outdated, but it has been noted to me then and rectified. the newest version (and any updates to it) of the diagram can be found here: GitHub - stefacep/2022-FRC-Control-System-Diagram: Diagram that show how the FRC Control System is wired in its basic form, with fundamental components and configurations.

The diagram was made in Adobe Illustrator, if you want to make a derivative, the pdf file supplied in the GitHub is editable in illustrator so you can extract assets and/or edit it, so long as you (please) honor the cc-by license that the original document has.


The GitHub link in the first post has the updated diagram. This was posted before the 2022 rules were available.

Thanks. A truly excellent resource. I’ll be printing this as large as I can. Two small suggestions:

  • Move the ethernet connection down slightly on the radio, and label it “18-24v POE”. As an RI, I’ve found teams trying to power the “802.3af POE” port.
  • Put the word “OR” between the digital and analog pressure sensors. It’s the only case where you show two components that you would definitely not have both of.
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The pneumatic hub actually supports using both simultaneously. https://first.wpi.edu/wpilib/allwpilib/docs/release/java/edu/wpi/first/wpilibj/Compressor.html#enableHybrid(double,double)

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Interesting, although the Javadoc leaves a little to be desired. The game manual doesn’t seem to address this possibility directly, but R805 and R812 seem to indicate a singular pressure switch.

Awesome!!! I was -just- annotating the old one! A few minor improvements to suggest… Ok, more than a few… I figured I’d give you all the data and save you from chasing it down in the rules and REV documents :wink:

  • Main power, 4 or 6 AWG, 3/4" strip length
  • Push button connections 18-24 AWG, 3/8" strip
  • Mark the VRM in, PH in, and compressor with 18-16 AWG, 3/8" strip
  • Motor controllers 24 to 8 AWG, 1/2" strip
  • Solenoid terminals: 24 AWG, 3/8" strip
  • CAN wiring 24 to 18 AWG, 3/8" strip
  • It would be cool to also have the other acceptable color codes down in the legend too. (power: red, yellow, white, brown, black-with white stripe and Ground: black or blue)
  • A little label by the servo for (red=power, black=ground, and white=signal) could be nice.
  • Add note: On all clamping connections, give it a “Smart Tug”: tugging on a wire to test the connection with a reasonable amount of force. Big wire=big tug. Small wire=gentle tug

Thanks again for making these sweet posters!

What program did you use to make this diagram?