2022 FRC Off-Season Spreadsheet

I started this spreadsheet for my volunteers/teams in Michigan to keep track of all our off-seasons (unofficially at 14 and counting), but then I started expanding it as more of the teams and volunteers went out of state (thanks 3538…). The spreadsheet eventually expanded to the Midwest, then pretty much every FRC off-season that I could find and enlisting the help of some awesome individuals in the community to fill out events for their regions (thank you Katlin, Allen, Ben, and Sam!). It was suggested that I share this on CD as a potential resource for others, and to get more information, so here it is!

If you have any information for events that can be added, updated or corrected, or just have questions, please leave a comment on the spreadsheet or you can comment/message me on here. Feel free to use or copy any information on here, my main goal is just to collect information on all of these events (as well as maybe promote some of my own events) as a resource for other people.

Disclaimer that everything in the sheet is subject to change as the off-season progresses, and those of us that are working on it are only human will try our best to keep it updated (and any info you provide will definitely help with that)!


Actually the NMRC event. Is the NMRC championship Friday ( NMRC teams only) and our open event Saturday.


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I made the distinction in the notes column to the far right. Would you prefer they be listed as two separate events?

Thank you for giving the links for those events, I’ll add them to the sheet

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