2022 game predictions

We survived the recycle rush, defended our stronghold, used our stream power to power up, and escaped planet primus. But the pandemic panic forced us to evacuate FIRST City. As we once again test our luck and try to recharge our shield generators, I want to know what you think comes next!

After the chaos of this season, and next season is already known, everyone’s dying to know what comes next. Whoever gets the closest gets a virtual cookie from me. :cookie: (I apologize for my quarantine bored mind)


Because of a duplicate topic and a consistent title format, I’d recommend using this existing post: 2022 game speculation

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Oh sorry! I searched up beforehand to make sure that I wasn’t creating a duplicate thread, but I searched predictions not speculation, so nothing came up. My bad. Thanks for pointing it out.

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No worries! I initially searched “predictions” too when looking for the other post

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