2022 Hangzhou Regional: Did it happen?

This weekend the Hangzhou Regional was meant to play, but from the looks of it, the event didnt seem to happen. I cant find any information from the venue pages, the RCC page, or the “site and covid information” pdf’s about the event thats any newer from March 1st which insinuates the event was still on. Anyone happen to know if the event was cancelled, or just somehow reallllllly bad at doing the stream and FMS updates?


I have been told that this event “has been delayed until after the championship”


Was it caught up in the Shanghai COVID lockdown?

It’s delayed due to the strict COVID control policies. I really doubt whether it will finally be held since it shows no signs of improvement these days.
Hangzhou Regional is the only official event in China this year. If it’s cancelled, then China hasn’t had an official game for four years since 2018. Sad for the Chinese teams :cry: :cry:


Yeah, it was delayed due to the COVID.

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yeah, it was delyed due to the covid ; - ; so sad about it.



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Yep, in fact so many places in China are now influenced by COVID, so it’s goona be hard to run Hanzhou Regional :cry:

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