2022 Import Error

After running the 2022 installer and selecting the option to download the version of VS Code, I opened this project: https://github.com/Lambda-Corps/2021_FalconBot

It prompted me to run the importer, which seemed to work just fine. When I opened the new 2022 project, my DriveTrain subsystem is getting an error saying it can’t resolve Sendable from wpilib.

This is both in intellisense and building the code. I’ve cleaned the workspace, but don’t know how to fix the build path here.

This may indeed be related to the fact that I have VS Code installed on this laptop, as well as the WPIlib’s VS Code…but I don’t know how to tell if that is actually the problem. Can’t find any other logging or errors to suggest where the actual problem lies.

If I create a new project, say a Command robot template, and then add the WPI_TalonFX objects the project resolves Sendable just fine.

Try opening the Command Palette, and searching up Manage Vendor Libraries. Ensure that the WPILib tools are installed.

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I have WPILIb New Commands 2020, the CTRE Phoenix libraries and the Navx from Kauai labs.

You might need WPILib Old Commands as well. You can either click the install libraries offline button or copy the JSON files from the vendordeps folder from that new project you made.

Are you sure you updated to the 2022 versions of the Phoenix and NavX libraries?

I believe I have. I removed all the vendor deps, and reinstalled with the files that match the working template project and still have the same build error.

I don’t know how to verify whether or not the two projects are using different build paths, they seem to be, but I can’t find any project specific settings that would indicate otherwise.

Post a picture of the output from “WPILib: Open Project Information”

The Kauai labs one is cutoff, but there as well.

WPILib New Commands is 2020.0.0 version.

That information also matches that of the functional template project as well.

That’s not the 2022 version of CTRE library. It should be 5.20.2. Looks like NavX was cut off to.

If I had to guess, your template code isn’t calling a feature in the CTRE or NavX library that uses Sendable, so that’s why you don’t have the issue.

Hmm, here’s the URL I was using to install:

I guess I just assumed that Phoenix-latest was indeed the latest.

From their docs it is:

Thanks for the quick help. Project is building now.

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