2022 New England Event Schedule

Week 1: Mar 3 - 5: Granite State

Week 2: Mar 11 - 13: Waterbury, Pinetree

Week 3: Mar 18 - 20: North Shore, Western NE

Week 4: Mar 25 - 27: Central Mass, Greater Boston

Week 5: Mar 31 - Apr 2: NH Seacoast

Week 6: Apr 8 - 10: WPI, Hartford

Week ?: District Champs @ The Big E


I 100% clicked on this thread expecting to find the Patriots 2022 game schedule for some reason… oops


It’s also worth noting the changes to DCMP, including an increased team capacity (64 → 80) and the move to 2 divisions of 40 teams. Hopefully this also means a more permanent DCMP venue given that a larger size implies fewer potential venues.


@BriFRC DCMP was mentioned Week 7 during the Town Hall if you want to edit your post. It hasn’t been officially published on the site though if you were keeping it unconfirmed.

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But… but… don’t make me pick between volunteering at WPI and at Hartford! That’s not fair at all!

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This shows 10 events. At the FIRST Events/Teams site:

I do not see Hartford (maybe I missed it?) I also count about 215 teams in NE district. It seems for 215 teams to play twice we should have ~12 events not 10 (or 9 if no Hartford)? Many of the venues would be hard pressed to have 43 teams, which would be the average.

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And currently we have 10, with an 11th in Rhode Island on standby based on need. We’re still waiting to see what team retention looks like due to the pandemic and will adjust as needed.

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