2022 NI LabVIEW Installation with NO Robotics Module feature


When installing NI labVIEW for 2022, there is no package that shows ROBOTICS MODULES, however, there is a NI labVIEW 2020 version which does have a package for ROBOTICS MODULES. Is there an issue with the package not installing with NI labVIEW 2022, or does the version not come with it?

I’m a little confused. You say Labview 2022. Your screen shot is showing 2019. I’m not sure what the robotic modules you are talking about are. Have you followed the directiins for installing the Labview for this competition season?

That name isn’t used this season, but the parts we need are all there.
This year it’s just:
LV Install 1

This is the answer.

If you’d like the “more information than you need” answer, it’s related to the Robotics Module itself no longer being published as a product. Because it isn’t a product, the LabVIEW Software for FRC suite cannot contain it.

Instead, the bits that were used in FRC were moved into the FRC Game Tools installer. You have the functionality but won’t see it in either the LabVIEW Software for FRC installer or in the activation dialogs.

Hello, I uninstalled all of the NI files from the NI Software to update to newer versions, though that did not work. To try and fix the issue, I tried installing the 2020 version of labVIEW with both the 2022 and the2020 versions of the FRC game tools (uninstalling the not-need version), however, when creating a project in labVIEW, the Functions Palette isn’t installed with it, which is what I need to access the robotics modules according to the “getting started labVIEW” pdf guide; I am new to labVIEW.

Here is the FRC guide I am referring to |refer to (Pg. 2):

Can you share the tutorial you’re following? You’re on the front panel, which is where you place controls. You place functions on the block diagram. If you switch to the block diagram, the functions palette should be available.

There is the tutorial I am following.

Instead of what you’re doing, what are you TRYING to do?

The manual you’re looking at is from a 2009 version of the Robotics Module. You can find an updated module (and it’s readme) on the download page: LabVIEW Robotics Module Download - NI

You’ll notice the last version was the 2019 version. The LabVIEW Robotics Module is no longer a product.

If you’re trying to use what was there for the FRC context, you’ll want to take a step back and read what Mark previously posted.

There will not be a Robotics Module installed as part of the 2022 FRC Software.

Instead, the components that were used by FRC were moved into the FRC Game Tools 2022 installer. They’re no longer a module. They’re part of the LabVIEW Update that you install naturally with the Game Tools. If anything you used is missing, feel free to point it out to me and I’ll mention it to see if it can be included in future versions.

But, you’re taking steps that will not help you with the 2022 FRC season and likely spending a great deal of time to do so. Here are the steps I’d expect you to follow.

  1. Install LabVIEW Software for FRC 2022 (with no mention of the Robotics Module)
  2. Install FRC Game Tools 2022 (with no mention of the Robotics Module but with the LabVIEW Update checked to install)
  3. Open LabVIEW and try to use the pieces you wanted to use

If that doesn’t work, let’s see what’s missing. The other steps you’re taking will put you into a bad state for this year’s competition. Generally speaking, finding any of the NI documentation for how to install products outside of the FRC context is dangerous. You’re more likely to miss components needed for FRC than not.

<–Current LabVIEW
<–Expected LabVIEW
I followed all directions: uninstalled all NI software with old labVIEW versions & FRC Game Tools versions, then I have had all of the LATEST versions installed. Although Robotics Modules is not an integrated product with this year’s season (because it is in FRC Game Tools), I have still been unable to find any module or preset within VI, which my team is using to create a simple ArcadeDrive for a robot. Going by the replies in this topic and other example tutorials, the FRC game tools (which currently has the features needed for robotics module) are still not showing any module features for creating an ArcadeDrive. Any further assistance?

Hunter, as was asked before, are you following the wpilib guide to install labview that I linked to at the start of this discussion?

The picture of “current LabVIEW” is what I’d expect if something didn’t go right with the FRC Game Tools 2022 installation.

It should happen second and you’ll want to make sure the LabVIEW Updates remains checked when installing it. If FRC Game Tools shows up as installed in your NI Package Manager, I’d uninstall it and install it fresh.

It’s also worth mentioning the Robotics Module isn’t what adds that. It’s the FRC Game Tools. The Robotics Module included some VIs and functionality that helped out with simulation. The FRC Game Tools was always a required secondary install (It was called Update Suite for the 2017 season)

Hi Hunter,

My team is local to yours (you’re with So-Kno Robo, right?) and we’re also a LabVIEW team. We don’t have a programming mentor at the moment, but my students have already got LabVIEW set up VIs written, autonomous and teleop code successful at competition. We can help if you want to get together to check through the installation process with someone in person. I’m with team 1466. You can send me a direct message through CD if you’d like to get together with my programmers. I am also pretty sure that 4265 (Oak Ridge) is a LabVIEW team in our area with a programming mentor. You might contact someone over there as well to help out with the software installation issue you’re running in to. It may help to have someone looking at the installation steps with you.


@Hunter_McDougall, Jen is correct, we are also a LabVIEW team and happy to help. If you are still having trouble feel free to DM me. I’m sure we can also arrange something in-person if needed — sometimes finding the problem with these installs can get complicated.


Why when I attempt to download LabVIEW Software for FRC from NI it will not? On my personal HP it will, but not on our team Lenovo running Windows 10. In fact, on the NI download page on the right side it shows “Download” and “Install Offline” but there is no Release Date or File Size shown. On my HP those fields are filled in.

You can transfer the good download from your HP onto a thumb drive and put it on the Lenovo that way.

I have seen this happen with older web browsers. I recommend ensuring you have the latest stable release of your web browser.

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