2022 PNW Event Schedule

The PNW district events for 2022 have been posted!
Week 1: Clakamas(1) and Glacier Peak(2)
Week 2: Wilsonville(3)
Week 3: Sundome(4)
Week 4: Oregon State Fairgrounds(5) and Auburn(6)
Week 5: West Valley(7) and Bonney Lake(8)
Week 6: District Championships(9) at Eastern Washington University

Sad to see no Auburn Mountainview, and looking forward for a new event in Bonney Lake.


Weeks seem off, WV/Bonney are the same weekend but are labeled as different weeks. no HOU district plays week 7 either.

Bonney Lake looks to be the home of 3218, and seems pretty close to where the AMV event used to be.


Should be West Valley and Bonney Lake Week 5, District Champs Week 6 Now corrected, looks good!

Yeah, while we lost AMV it’s replaced fairly well with Bonney Lake. The challenge is going to be fitting all of the Seattle (and everyone north of it) into events as Mount Vernon/Bellingham is completely gone with no replacement leaving Glacier Peak as the only event north of Auburn in Western Washington.

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Edited, thanks for pointing that out.

I dont have a magic 8 ball, but I would be willing to bet the events east of the mountains would have lots of openings for them, with no overlap with GP.

That also requires a fair amount of travel though, and even pre-covid teams were fairly unwilling to make the trek over pre-DCMP…

Completely agree, I expect a lot of them to end up with Sundome and/or West Valley as their later events assuming they do Glacier Peak first. Just a big change from being able to stick local or maybe go as far as Auburn.

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I think this will be the first year that the PNW will have fewer than 9 district level events. It will be interesting to see how these fill for the 2022 season given the attrition due to the pandemic. I’m hoping that our PNW teams can return and rebuild after the challenges we’ve all faced these last couple of seasons.


A 9th district event will be going up soon! Robototes will be hosting an event to replace the Bellingham event. This will be a week 3 event at Sammamish High School.


Another event in the Puget Sound is a much needed addition. I’m a little concerned with how few teams are currently registered for West Valley however.