2022 Post Season Robot Inspection Experience(s) Feedback

Now that the official 2022 season of Rapid React has reached its conclusion, and hopefully we have all had a little time to decompress and reflect, I would like to get some feedback on how everyone felt about their robot inspection experiences throughout the 2022 Rapid React season. In the simplest terms, were your inspection process experiences overall “positive” or “negative”? Did you see a marked improvement this year in your inspection experiences over previous years or did you see little change? I know there is always room for improvement and I am eager to learn what went well and what didn’t. If you have any feedback you would like to share please feel free to post it here publicly or send me a PM. I would love to hear of any specific areas of improvement and suggestions on how the inspection process can be improved moving into next year.

Here are some general thoughts I would consider to make for a “positive” inspection experience:

  • You knew where the inspection station was located and it was efficiently laid out (traffic flow, etc.)
  • The Robot Inspector(s) (RIs), the Lead Robot Inspector(s) (LRIs), and Inspection Manager(s) (IMs) you interacted with were professional, courteous, respectful, helpful, and displayed an overall positive attitude and demeanor
  • If you had any questions or concerns the inspection staff was able to answer them to your satisfaction
  • Your RI explained the inspection process clearly enough so you felt informed and understood what the expectations were
  • Your RI seemed to know the Section 9 robot rules and Section 10 inspection rules and followed them appropriately without “making up rules that aren’t actually rules”
  • Your robot inspection process was efficient and took an appropriate amount of time
  • Your robot inspection process was thorough enough but not overly nitpicky
  • Your RI(s) provided an appropriate level of feedback, noting possible areas of concern that may cause reliability issues but that were not against the rules and clarifying clearly and appropriately what were “helpful suggestions” that were not required to pass inspection vs. what were rules compliance issues that did need to be corrected to pass inspection
  • If legitimate Section 9 robot rules issues were discovered, mitigating solutions were also found that were within the rules and not unduly burdensome to the satisfaction of both the team and the inspection staff (RIs & LRI)
  • You felt free to pause your inspection process for any reason (like going to a scheduled practice match, lunch breaks, field calibration time slots, etc.)
  • You felt comfortable asking for a different RI if you wanted a different one for any reason
  • You felt comfortable asking for the LRI to step in if needed
  • You felt that if every inspection for every other team/robot was equal to your inspection experience then you felt everyone was held to the same standard and you felt the competition would be “fair”
  • You did not observe gross violations of Section 9 robot rules or general safety concerns that you saw other teams “getting away with” that you were told your team had to fix or couldn’t do

If you felt any of those were not the case then I would like to know about your “negative” experience(s) so that I can work to improve upon them in the future. I hope everyone had a great 2022 season. I am looking forward to getting CHARGED UP with you again next year! Hopefully I will see some of you at off season events this year but if not I hope to see you in 2023!

Thank you,


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