2022 RAPID REACT Teaser - Episode 2


Color Sorting!


The red, blue, and black definitely indicates alliance-specific game pieces. The dumping of totes beforehand also seems to be significant, perhaps we’ll have to do the same to score? I could see a point bonus from placing pieces into a tote and dumping it as opposed to placing them individually/directly in a scoring hatch.


Yarr, ahead be spoilers.


Loading and unloading containers certainly fits the overall shipping/cargo theme




Real talk: I hated that game. It rivals 2017 for horrendous field visibility from all angles.

Maybe I’m being crazy but there is a black ball inside the red tote that gets poured out initially that behaves strangely throughout this video.
image (4)

During the shot that shows the red tote being poured out from underneath this black ball is not shown falling from the red tote. Also a beachball and rebound rumble ball are shown falling which do not appear to initially be in this tote.

Later we see this black ball up against the wall of the truck. Notice it is next to a green ball.
image (3)

Later, while they are packing the totes the green ball can be seen in the back here.
image (2)
But the black ball is never seen again. If they simply pushed all of the balls into the middle for a better packing shot the black ball would hypothetically be in the pile, but it does not appear to be. Perhaps it was set into a specific location.

On top of all of this, the black ball is the only black game piece I see shown in the trailer where they sort game pieces into totes of matching colors, so I think it’s a good bet that they put that black ball into the black tote.


So it appears everything sorted out in the blue and red bins will not be used. Whatever items ended up in the black bin will. What were those items???

This logic sound correct?


Quick google search based off that first image, pretty sure that black ball is the “6 inch rhino skin dodgeball”. Seems pretty similar to the powercell

I never had that issue. Then again I only played it in college basketball stadiums and the Georgia Dome so a pretty solid viewing angles.

It is not a game I would like to be given now as I feel robots have evolved so much since then that this game would either be very easily dominated by a single robot, or a drivetrain and some lead could stop every great scoring robot.

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i noticed that too but it seems a little strange to pick another gator skin ball after they just did that last year especially since it looks about the same size as last year’s yellow ball. Although they do seem to handle whatever it is like it is slightly heavier or more delicate than anything else we have seen in the video maybe it is weighted.

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This years logo also heavily implies we will have a ball of some sort:


I’ve drawn a clean free body diagram which models the forces acting on the tote when it is being thrown into the truck…can any of the physics majors out there solve this one for us and get us the weight whatever is in that tote?

Your logic looks good but I would be very disappointed if we had another ball that had so many problems.


Of some relevancy: the game piece fits in a tote. That rules out “52 inch inflatable sphere” and “garbage can”.

…Unless the game piece is the tote and it was a bait and switch…

…Recycle Rush 2: This Time It’s Personal.


If it’s true that we’ll be filling totes, given the doors in the first one and the whole “rapid react” thing, maybe there will be doors at the scoring stations that only allow you to score at certain times?


Looking at that logo more carefully, I’m curious what the green accents signify. The colors in past logos all hint at certain game elements (yellow in Infinite Recharge, orange in Deep Space) and we haven’t had green in a logo since Recycle Rush.


They picked up nothing. Tote is the game piece confirmed.


Figured I’d throw myself into the rabbit hole of it all (man did I miss this part of having hints prior to the season…man I’d getting old), but anyone else care to wonder why FIRST would show the game video they displaced, and in the order they did?
1999 - Double Trouble
2009 - Lunacy
2016 - Stronghold
2006 - Aim High

And let the rabbit hole of internal questioning of dates, math, and correlations…begin


Just a quick guess but, we will be having balls such like the ones from Stronghold (I am assuming this because of the t-shirt). Maybe we are going to “sort” colored balls, blue and red, each alliance must deposit the balls into the totes??

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