2022 RAPID REACT Teaser - Episode 3

They’re so on the nose about moving totes around, I’m gonna be so mad if my initial prediction of filling totes with things and transporting them across the field isn’t true. FIRST is setting up a huge bamboozle just to embarrass me in front of my students on kickoff, I just know it.


They forgot to have the tote carried by a carpet of army ants. :ant: :ant: :ant: :ant: :roll_eyes:

But it supports my suggestion from August:


And that is really what teasers are for. We’re all supposed to speculate and then they throw us a complete curveball come Kick-off. Knowing FIRST HQ, the only crates will be the ones the KoP comes in.


With my luck, this teaser is really trying to tell me about all of the back and forth trips I’ll need to take to transport the kit of parts totes from our kickoff location to our shop.


Yep this whole series of teasers could just be about how transportation got the kit of parts to us at kickoff. The tote shown could just be representative of “delivering” the new game, which will finally arrive during kickoff and when they open it they will reveal the game they put in it.


Could be:

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If I were to hazard a guess based on what we’ve seen so far…

  • There will be a variety of ways to move the game piece.
  • Both alliances will need to work together somehow.
  • The game piece will not be a tote.
  • There will be difficult terrain on the field… but not Glasliner FRP, despite the Zamboni. (Don’t rule out HDPE, though.)
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Watch that this has nothing to do with the game and FIRST just wanted us to waste 3 minutes watching a tote travel the world. That would be hysterical.


Be honest Connor you’ve watched it at least three times by now.


The one skyline appears to be from Shanghai, China according to my office mate. Any other countries represented in the video besides the US? The train’s speed was measured in km/hr which might indicate a non-US country.

So, it’s a game about managing supply chains?

That would be timely.


How dare you say such things. But yea I’ve watched it like 4 times.


On top of those two, both the bus shot and taxi shot (car interior almost at the end) have non english characters captured. I might also go as far to say the Zamboni shot was Canadian with the presence of the .ca domain name.

Zamboni game confirmed


The 2022 game is just robots playing Geoguessr. This is the practice round.


It went on way too long. So the game is themed after a 2011 kick off stream?

…too soon?


Strange wording here. Surely it’s a clue.

The kit of parts totes will be game elements that will actually roll. Totes with attached casters - yeehaw.

I would love to see a game where intra-alliance strategy meetings are beneficial.

Been there… And very rarely have people been happy with it. Especially in the multiple situations where it can be abused to intentionally cost you points to lower your ranking.

For instance, people just not showing up to co-op balance with you to cost you a rank point.


No not Lunacy…please