2022 REV Pneumatics Hub Blowing? Breaking? Unclear

We’ve been using the new REV Pneumatics Hubs in place of the old Pneumatics Control Modules for our pneumatics this year. This has largely been successful except for the fact that we have inexplicably broken both of them.

There just comes a moment when the status light doesn’t turn on, REV doesn’t recognize any hardware, and our faces pale.

One time, the fuse was blown, but when it was replaced, the PH should have turned on. The other one is even more mysterious. Is anyone else having any issues with the pneumatics hubs? And/or, do you have any suggestions? I think because they are new parts, the internet is currently rather dry…

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Do you have any photographs that show how they’re wired?

Indeed. It is a messy photo, but shall do.

It is quite standard wiring. Connected to CANbus, gets power from PDH and then has the compressor wires. Two double acting solenoids connected to the ports. Digital pressure sensor. (best to ignore the orange REV wire here, as its not part of it lol.)

We had two die on us. It appears that the solder joint on the circuit board caused the issue. Rev was good about the first one. Haven’t contacted them yet about the second!

Our playoff alliance partners at FNC Pembroke, Yeti (3506) had theirs fry itself during the semi-finals. Fortunately, they were able to do a bit of jiggery-pokery and get it to pressurize their tanks for the last two matches. But there was a lot of angst before that happened. We had bought one back at the beginning of the season with the Rev control package, but it gave us so many problems that we just ditched it early on and went back to the old CTRE version.

Did you check the gauge of the wires (18AWG for PH power - R622)? It’s really hard to tell from a photo, but they don’t look thicker than the CAN bus wires.

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REV says they recommend 24-16 AWG Wire for the power supply (https://docs.revrobotics.com/rev-11-1852/pneumatic-hub-getting-started/wiring-the-pneumatic-hub); would you recommend changing it? Or, rather, would the smaller wires have contributed to the no-worky?

I can’t say that wire gauge is likely to be the cause of your problems, but I can tell you R622 requires a minimum wire size of 18 AWG “Between the PDP dedicated terminals and the … PH”. :slight_smile:

ETA: Whiskers shorting between terminals is more likely to cause this sort of problem.

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