2022 robot knocked off by teammate

I remember a clip last year where a team was climbing and their alliance member full speed drove across the entire field and knocked them off. Does anyone have the video?

I’m certain this happened multiple times by multiple teams, can you be more specific?

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Im sure there are lots of instances of this, It happened to my team in our last qualification match at MSC. Qualification 78 - 2022 FIRST in Michigan State Championship - Consumers Energy Division - YouTube

We did it to 1339 in this one Quarterfinal 1 - 2022 Colorado Regional - YouTube

it wasn’t either of these, it was very unique. They didn’t just get bumped, their alliance member went from one side of the field to the other at full speed and just sent them flying lol.

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Here’s another one, but it also doesn’t quite match your description: Quals 57 - FIM District Belleville Event 2022 - The Blue Alliance

You might have some luck searching through FUN’s “clips of the week” from 2022 or other compilations.

check out PCH Albany Quals 9


Holy cow What the… that was indeed unique!

PS: that announcer is the best!

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yes that’s it, thank you i looked for like 3 hours and couldn’t find it lol

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