2022 Robots holding Robots

After seeing the game Our team’s eyes went straight to the Hangars. One main idea we thought of was going to the traversal rung then get another robot to hang from us in some way. From this, we have 2 questions, 1 can we do it, and 2 will we get points for them hanging on us.

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G209 Don’t climb on each other. A ROBOT may not be fully supported by a partner ROBOT.
Violation: TECH FOUL.

Beat me to it @Quake. Unfortunately no buddy climbs this year

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Read G209.

Not only do you not get points, you get a tech foul.


Thanks just had to make sure!

The rule currently specifies “a partner robot” but what about 2 partner robots?

Edit: Scoring 6.4.1 first bullet point says you need to touch the rung as a condition to get points so that would make things difficult either way


But 6.4.1 also says “contacting” the rung, not supported by the rung. So, if you buddy climb on TWO robots, then extend something that still keeps you within your height limitations that contacts the traversal rung, might that count?

For the moment when one robot is on the robot with a climbing mechanism and before the second one is on it, that would be in violation of the rule though, correct? So would the alliance lose the climbs either way?

I think the “fully supported” part clears that. If two robots make legit climbs before the 3rd attempts to climb on both of them and didn’t leave the ground before grabbing both, it would seem like there is room for it to currently be allowed. There might be a cheesecake solution for this in playoffs.

Note: I think this concept is an interesting thought exercise. I also think that due to its likelihood in being disallowed with a simple update (given the simplified rule) and the series of things that would have to go right, it is not something I am going to put any real time into solving. I would caution others interested in pursuing this as a core strategy element.


Cheesecaking is not allowed this year, unless the component is made by the team that is using it.

I warn against trying to climb on other bots because the way I’m reading it, if you are fully supported at ANY time by another robot, it is a violation of G209. If you are climbing on another robot while that robot is already hanging, that hang immediately becomes invalid and your future hang also becomes invalid. And I would assume, as a given, that if you can’t be supported by one robot, two robots would be out of the question.

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