2022 SoCal Free Robot/Pit Transportation to Champs


Once again, Team 4201 The Vitruvian Bots has partnered with our new sponsor NEXT Trucking to send the robot and equipment of local teams (defined as any team willing to drive their equipment to El Segundo, California) to the Houston Championships and back free of charge. This will give teams additional time to work on their robots and have their full pit and equipment at the event. We anticipate being able to hold 12 teams, however we ask that teams provide an estimate of their footprint so we can make a better estimate as the weeks go on.

You can find all details for the loading, unloading and packing here.

If your team qualifies and would like to take advantage of this, please fill out this form. Please wait to fill out this form until you have qualified as we will accept the first 11 champs-qualified teams. We realize that this is less favorable for teams that qualify later, however we don’t want to “hold” spots for teams that may not qualify and have to tell teams that have qualified to wait to learn if we can accomodate them.

If you have any questions, please reach out here or to the emails provided in the information document above.


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