2022 Strategy Board

I made a strategy board for the 2022 FRC game RAPID REACT. I hope you find it useful! Also, in the folder linked at the bottom of this post, you can get an optional reverse side of the board that has views of the hanger.

Let me know if you want any changes (such as a different size, labels, colors, etc.) I am willing to customize the board to fit your team’s needs.

Tabloid paper size (17" x 11"):


Letter paper size (11" x 8.5"):


I am willing to add your team’s logo and other customizations. Just reply to this thread or message me with your team’s logo and the paper size you want.

Digital top-down field images:

Full field

Cropped at field perimeter

(More images with different background color options)

(Folder with all the files and potential updates)

Additional Images

Tabloid (17" x 11"):

Letter (11" x 8.5"):

Tabloid reverse-side:

Top-down field view without horizontal trusses on hangers:


Added here: All the RAPID REACT resources!


Just wanted to say thanks for these! Our first comp is in 2 days and I’d forgotten to get one made up. These are perfect and exactly what I was envisioning!


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