2022 Team Update 01

Got a good laugh out of the note added to TE-22310…



RIP 200 team FIM DCMP, Jan 8th-11th, 2022


I love it when my CARGO travels across the FIELD such that when the ROBOT changes direction,


The Servo Hub was removed from R505 but not R715… Technically, if you somehow obtained one it is currently illegal to use it to control servo motors, but you still must control it using the roboRIO CAN bus.


So am I correct that G210 means no crossing the center line to retrieve your own cargo?

I was hoping for a clarification that you couldn’t contact OPPOSING cargo or opposing robots.

That’s going to make 5 ball autos really hard!


Yeah, you need a hopper robot to feed in from a human during auto and sprint across the field to get the last one if you wanna do it yourself.


Assuming your opponents didn’t bump it, yes.

That said: your alliance has three preloaded across the robots, and two more of your Cargo are just outside the Tarmac further from the Hangar. Even without human player heroics, five Cargo being scored is very achievable.

Four-ball autonomous for one robot isn’t even that exotic for the high-performing teams. Start on the Tarmac nearer the Terminal, grab the one nearest the center line, score it and your preload, then go get the other one near the Tarmac and the one at the Terminal. Score them. You’d be hustling, but we’ve seen wilder routes than that (hel-lo, 254 in 2018).


Yup, I saw that right away – it’s doable, but it’s going to be very hard.

More realistically, two robots can back up and grab the “identical” balls, then score both that one and the one they started with, while the third robot scores the one they started with.

I think a 1-ball auto is close to trivial, a 2-ball auto is very doable for mid-tier teams, a 3-ball auto is hard but high-tier teams will be able to do it, and the elite teams will have a four-ball auto.

The 2022 NI Driver Station software does not run on machines employing Windows 7

Ugh, looks like we might have to actually upgrade our driver station and programming laptops now?

Windows 10 is almost obsolete now, so it’s ok to start using it :slight_smile:


WPILib will be dropping support for Windows 7, any 32bit OS, Ubuntu 18 next year too. From the docs

The following OSes will be unsupported starting 2023: Ubuntu 18.04, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and any 32-bit Windows. MacOS 10.14 is no longer supported as of 2022.

No sense in maintaining support for OSes that have officially been discontinued and in some cases actively hinder development efforts.

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Not to be THAT guy, but 200 Team duration should be noted as: Jan 4, 2020 - Jan 11, 2022.
Check the 2020 Game Manual.


Officially unsupported after October 14, 2025

Yup, been around for many years now…I finally switched to it a bit over a year ago. I’m a late adopter, too.

Yup. And we will be adding a message for the 2025 season that windows 10 will not be supported in future years. We’re not going to support unsupported operating systems.

What are the odds Windows 11 will be stable by then…? (/s)


:heart: I’m sure this is a cut and paste failure from G403:

  • B. the CARGO travels across the FIELD such that when the ROBOT changes direction, the CARGO travels with the ROBOT,

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