2022 Team Update 04


Pretty weird decision to determine that the indexer will spin in a random direction for any given match. Basically eliminates the possibility that teams can plan for that when optimizing their shots.


Bingo. If they made this addition later down the line you know someone would complain that their entire game strategy was ruined.

Related QA:


Specific speed is not specified

guess someone needs to ask what motor/gearbox powers the agitator… they claim its answered in the field drawings

As well the Andymark page that sells the replica says it uses a 60T and 24T pulley
so (with some assumptions) its a Cim with a 5:1 reduction. Do with that information as you will.

@bobbysq pointed out to me on discord that its likely a CIM with a 12:1 sport gearbox. I bet thats been said elsewhere before but i thought the speeds were different when teams tested the setup…

Still curious as to how it can go either direction per match (and why FIRST would want/allow it to do that, or why they didnt give the exact answer in the first place…)


Oh right I forgot gearboxes were a thing

Its been a VERY long day XD


My wild guess is that if after some maintenance the FTA plugged the motor in backwards for a match, they wouldn’t want to feel compelled to replay that match.




Did the Fuel start taking other FIRST Choice items hostage until it’s let out of the warehouse?


Looking through the inspection check list and noticed the Team Compliance Statement:
"We, the Team Mentor and Team Captain, attest by our signing below, that our team’s ROBOT was built after the 2020 Kickoff, and we are not aware of any rules it violates. We confirm that it and its MAJOR MECHANISMS are products of our team’s work. "

Looks like you can use your Infinite Recharge robot again


I also noticed there’s no inspection for a couple of items which were in the 2020 checklist, and a rule which is “new” and should probably be inspected.

  • the checklist for multiple configurations was streamlined :smile: - but too far! :disappointed: It isn’t clear from the checklist that “Total Load In Weight” means combined weight of all configurations. The rules only use the phrase load-in for the load-in period, not weight. I103 isn’t even referenced (and it took me several searches to find the rule that had to be meant here). :frowning_face:
  • maximum height during match (while in the HANGAR ZONE; there was no limit in 2020 while in the RENDEZVOUS POINT during the endgame)
  • Single item price limit (was in BOM checklist item in 2020)

I assume this is the new rule you refer to. There are marks on the hangar supports. So, my assumption was that was going to be a ref’s call not an inspection thing. I assumed they were going to rely on in-game calls with after-match verification. However, now that I think about it, asking someone to verify height after a match seems like a good way to delay the start of the next match.

Edit: I was thinking about how we were going to ensure we stayed within this rule. I have two ideas currently. Maybe string potentiometer on the climber or an easy hard stop (bolt on the climber that catches the internal slide when it is extended too far).

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