2022 Team Update 07


Welp, looks like the WPILib wiring diagram is changing again.

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Why? The current diagram is covered by the rules. The diagram can’t cover all versions of the up to condition.

More that the diagram can change to reflect a “recommended configuration” even if the current one is a legal configuration. As it stands, it’s completely fine but it’s definitely not optimal to use a slot that could be used for a motor if it can be avoided.

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If I’m understanding this right, I can plug the pneumatics hub back into the pdh’s channels but with a 20 amp atm fuse?

Yes, the Pneumatic Hub (or PCM) can be connected to any of the three low-current fused channels with a 20A ATM fuse.

This was the original intent so that all 20 high-current channels are available for motors as @bobbysq mentioned.

We clarified in our documentation that while the continuous current rating is 15A, those channels are more than capable of handling the momentary spikes for older, larger compressors, like the CP26 or the Thomas 405ADC38. A 15A fuse, however, will blow with those spikes, so it is recommended, and now legal to use a 20A fuse with a connected pneumatic device.


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