2022 Team Update 11

H312: No CARGO shots after the MATCH. After the end of the MATCH (i.e. when the timer displays 0 seconds following TELEOP), DRIVE TEAMS may not enter CARGO into the FIELD

Q105 asked about this, this response is very unsurprising but still very slightly disappointing


Yeah, in general gameplay rules only apply during the match, so I think pre-update it may have even been “legal” that once the clock hit 0, a human player could take a cargo from the terminal area, walk quickly along the side of the field (outside their zone but H502 is only during the match), and throw the ball into the hub from the middle of the side guardrail. Not that I think it’d be easy to do so in such a way that the ball would get through the scoring sensors within the 10 seconds, but, well, it didn’t exactly shock me that Q105 still hadn’t been answered yesterday since I was guessing they were going to make it explicitly forbidden.

So, I guess I need to update my rule cheatsheet tonight!

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This is why you save those kind of questions for after the start of events, preferably in the middle of them.


A FOUL in addition to the cargo not scoring? I also noticed that the rule as written applies any time after the end of the match. Technically, this includes Field Reset time if I understand the manual correctly. One alternative interpretation is that it applies only when the timer is showing 0 following teleop.

And it was asked by a team who was a rookie in the last couple of years. They’re definitely thinking outside the time box. I’m impressed.

It would.

If I were a reasonable person, though, I would suspect that if Field Reset/other field staff were asking for help clearing a Terminal and a team helped then any infraction would be at worst a discussion.

The question which sparked this change was clearly asking about this happening in the ten second “buzzer period” between the end of teleop and the scores being final described in 6.4B. I’m confident that assisting field reset after the all clear to open the gates would not result in a retroactive foul. Between 10 seconds after teleop and the all clear, probably not. But feel free to ask the question!

Is field reset always strictly after final scores?

As far as I can recall, yes, but I wasn’t around for the first 20 years. 2015 was an oddball case, but it was consistent with this, in that IIRC arena staff were on the field for scoring before teams were allowed on the field.

Yes and no.

It’s always after the counters stop counting. It may be before final scores are submitted, if the refs are discussing something tricky.

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