2022 Ventura Regional

The Ventura Regional is back after a 2 year hiatus, this time in a new location!

45 Teams
1 International Team
2 Teams from Hawaii
*2 Rookies

*8212 and 8533 aren’t rookies for 2022, however because of COVID neither has yet to competed in an official event. Let’s show them a good time!

Event website link were you can find general information as well as COVID protocols.

Feel free to post robot pictures/videos/teasers! I’m so excited to see what everyone has come up with for Rapid React!


The venue is not bad, but it can get very chilly inside. It’s a big warehouse and they leave the big doors open for light and ventilation. Same location as Port Hueneme that just finished. We enjoyed the venue other than it being cold inside.

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To be fair to the event that’s probably much better than it being hot and stuffy with the doors closed.


Agreed, the old venue could get cramped and stuffy very quick! No stinky pits in the pits so say we all.

It was a strangely cold weekend for ventura, its normally a solid 67deg here year-round, weather looks better for next week should be perfect!


How’s everyone’s traversal climb coming? Finally got ours under 30 seconds this past weekend:


We had a great time there, but a couple of things to note:
-No water source in the building. The hand-washing stations ran out of water mid-afternoon (just outside the port-a-johns).

  • Lots of space in an “eating area” very near the playing field. Teams set up lunch there, worked well.
  • I hope it’s not as cold as it was yesterday. Severe wind and cold. Bring wool socks just in case.
  • Limelight users: combo artificial and natural light (hangar doors are open) and as the sun moves, it can play with your calibration.
  • Don’t assume nearby restaurants will be open for dinner.

The volunteer food WK1 was exceptionally good IMO. I assume it will be just as good WK2

3512 had a fantastic time at the Ventura regional. It’s so good to be back running robots with everyone at our favorite regional!

Thanks and congratulations to our Alliance Captain 2135 for winning a ticket to Houston! Thanks to our alliance partner 2637 for hanging out with us on the traversal rung!

Congratulations to 4414, 359, and 5089!


Sorry I missed Ventura this year, however I was there a week earlier, same venue for Port Huememe

The lighting was terrible and the hangar was built out of spec (but not quite out of tolerance, which was ±0.5” on bar C-C). The practice field hangar was built to spec with tighter tolerances. This led to the catastrophic destruction of our root-climber (twice) because the spacing was 0.4” over what is specified in the game manual. The carpets on the practice field and official field were also wildly different, causing intake issues. I’ll chock these up to bad luck, but 1/8” tolerance in the hanger should be plenty easy to hold and some real consistency would be great.

Looking at the hangar construction for the real field, it can only put it together one way and there is no room for adjustment- the bars are aligned on very specific machined plates and holders that can only get attached to the truss at the designed places. While it’s possible these plates themselves are out of spec (or the manual just got the measurements slightly off), I would expect the hangar to be very consistent across events

The hanger the week prior had the mounts on red redone. Since 1678 could easily do traversal on Blue, not on Red. It was found, mounts installed reversed. The corrected it and then 1678 was able to traverse on both hangers.

I’m surprised to hear of an issue in week 2 as that is the same field, same place.

Yeah, it was a lot of fun but the field carpets were also extremely worn down with a lot of balls having the fabric ripped out of them. Our team had a really tough time intaking because we could never replicate the issue on the practice field because the carpets were better over there. Hangar wasn’t a problem at this event, more of just something that I think could have the tolerance brought way down to better accommodate roto-climb robots.

This isn’t an issue, the field was in spec (and regulation carpet was used on the competition field).


The manual says one dimension with no tolerance specified, but another obscure document about field assembly (I believe) says the 1/2” tolerance. If there is only 1 way to assemble with little-to-no room to adjustment, then it should be even easier to hold a tolerance.

Everyone’s appetite for risk is different, but after reading all the same documentation you did I set a tolerance for my team of handling +/-1" of variation. Anything less is fatally flawed IMHO.


We did the same as you @AdamHeard. The competition field drawings say +/- 0.5” on each dimension so accommodating +/- 1” is a good assumption.


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