2023 Avatar?

Last year my team, unfortunately, missed the deadline to submit our team avatar, by the time we remembered we couldn’t do it anymore sadly. This year I don’t really want our team to be stuck with the default avatar so I was gonna find the things we need to submit this year’s avatar but I can’t find it anywhere. The only thing that shows up is a post for last season and it links it to the avatar page where it shows “2023 avatars” but it then says the system is closed (link). I don’t know if they just haven’t set it up yet but if anyone else found out how to set it up some help would be greatly appreciated.

If its similar to last year, FIRST will announce when the avatar portal is open, most likely in a blog post (Last year’s blog post can be found here)


What Christian said. I made a reply to someone else inquiring about avatars a couple days back.

In cross referencing the 2018/19/20/22 guidelines document, 2019 - 22 don’t seem to include any additions beyond an additional note about copyright. I would think it’s safe to start thinking of ideas you might want to fit in a 40 x 40px space and going off last year’s guidelines for the interim and some basic do’s and don’ts.

Otherwise, if last year’s blog post is any basis, the submissions system for them will open with the initial blog post announcing their return and close some time in late March.

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The 2023 Team Avatar system is now open

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