2023 Bayou Regional

This is a discussion thread for teams in the 2023 Bayou Regional.

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There have been some pretty good scores during practice so far

The biggest wrinkle so far AFAIK was load-in. Since last year, undermining of the lower concrete ramps to the south side loading docks led to them breaking and collapsing, resulting in a hazardously steep grade; the trucks bringing the A/V and field were only barely able to get up them. The decision was made less than an hour before that all team load-in would be through the single roll-up door on the west side. I understand it worked well (I was stationed by the busted dock, to redirect traffic for FRC, the venue, and through traffic accordingly).

With less than five minutes to go before the pits closed at 8pm, the last team passed inspection! Only one team has not connected to the field.

All around, a good event so far. Though it is weird having so much space (39 teams vs the 57-60 of all the other Bayous I’ve attended, all at the Pontchartrain Center). I inspected 3.9+ teams before lunch (3 all the way through, except for weigh-in, and one leaving only two minor items, labeling their hidden but accessible main breaker and updating the driver station software), when we had about 80% of teams complete. I did another full and a finishing inspection shortly after lunch.’
It’s also another mini family reunion as @ExploitSage and @Perebear are also here.

Last year there were only 41 of us at Bayou, but I agree it was much more spacious than when we last attended in 2015 with the full 60. I would also recommend anyone looking for a “travel” event to choose Bayou, great people, great location, I have 0 complaints from either of the times my team choose to travel here.

Bayou I think is getting less teams not due to any fault of their own but mostly because of changes that happened around them. Texas switched to districts, Florida and Oklahoma added another event each, and Mississippi started their first regional. The only states near them that haven’t added an event in recent years are Alabama and Arkansas and the new events are closer to those teams than Bayou is.


As someone who attended Bayou 2012-2019, having less teams is a good thing in my opinion, because the teams are now getting 12 matches vs the 9 or 10 they used to.


Same! I coached a team at bayou 2016-2019 and this was my first year back. I love having more matches and it was nice to have everything running ahead of schedule. Really good people!

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My team #9240 won two rookie awards, but we were not able to stay to receive them. As gutted as we were not to make the playoffs, getting recognized with two awards more than made up for it.

But, we missed the twitch stream too. Does anyone know if a video of the award presentation exists anywhere? Is there a recording of the entire stream anywhere?

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I believe 16 and 3937 were recording every match themselves. Not as good as the stream archive but they may have been recording the awards ceremonies between matches as well. Might be worth reaching out to each of them privately. @Breakaway3937 @frcteam16

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Good call, I will do that now. Thank you! You mentioned a stream archives, would you happen to know how I could access that?

I don’t believe the archive was saved this year. See the thread below for more info.