2023 Brazil Regional Scouting Data

Now that we have wrapped up the 2023 Brazil Regional. I would like to share some of 1156’s more detailed scouting data that was kept confidential during the event as we see it as an important differentiator.

Some caveats:

  1. Parts of it are in portuguese, if you want to understand any specific texts, feel free to ask and we can try to translate it
  2. This data most surely contains some degree of human error, as collecting this data is a tough task. This is the unaltered best estimate we have for the performance of each robot.
  3. Any grid scores have 5/3 added to their values to account for their contribution to link scores.
  4. This is data collected mostly from the qualifying matches

Starting with the public data we had available on the pits:

Here we have the top 31 teams ranked by average individual score:

Distribution of scored pieces in the high and mid levels:

Robots that played defense (as perceived by our scouts) the most matches:

Besides the aggregate data for the competition, I am also uploading our predictions for all elimination matches. Those are a bit skewed because some elimination matches were scouted, but the predictions tend to paint a fair picture of the expected winner.

Kudos to alliance 6 who managed to get upsets on not one, but two matches (4 and 8), overcoming an expected 24 point deficit on match 8:

Matches 5, 6, 7 and Finals 1 were also upsets according to our predictions.

If your team has played the Brazil Regional and would like to see more in depth data about your team or one of the matches you played, feel free to contact me and I will do what is possible to share this information.

The event was great and I had tons of fun. I hope to see you all back next year :wink:
Elimination Matches.zip (6.8 MB)


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