2023 California Offseason Events

The following California offseasons are currently scheduled/announced for 2023. Unconfirmed and cancelled events are listed at the bottom.

Friday Sunday Event Location Equipment Thread Team Sign Up Volunteer Sign Up Website
Jul. 21 Jul. 23 Sunset Showdown San Francisco NorCal Field Thread Team Volunteer Website
Jul. 28 Jul. 30
Aug. 4 Aug. 6
Aug. 11 Aug. 13
Aug. 18 Aug. 20
Aug. 25 Aug. 27
Sep. 1 Sep. 3
Sep. 8 Sep. 10
Sep. 15 Sep. 17 TENTATIVE: Robonanza Sunnyvale
Sep. 22 Sep. 24
Sep. 29 Oct. 1 Chezy Champs San Jose NorCal Field
Thread Team Volunteer Website
Oct. 6 Oct. 8 CalGames Woodside NorCal Field
Link coming June 3; registration opens June 15 Volunteer (email) Website
SoCal Showdown El Segundo SoCal Field Thread Team Volunteer Website
Oct. 13 Oct. 15 TENTATIVE: Battle at the Border San Diego SoCal Field Thread
Oct. 20 Oct. 22 Tidal Tumble Ventura SoCal Field
Thread Team Volunteer Website
EmpowerHer Showdown San Mateo Thread Team
Oct. 27 Oct. 29 Capital City Classic Elk Grove NorCal Field
Coming Soon Coming Soon Website
Nov. 3 Nov. 5 Beach Blitz Mission Viejo SoCal Field
Thread Team Volunteer Website
Nov. 10 Nov. 12 MadTown ThrowDown Madera NorCal Field
Thread Team Volunteer Website
Nov. 17 Nov. 19
Nov. 24 Nov. 26
Dec. 1 Dec. 3
Dec. 8 Dec. 10

Cancelled events:

If you have some information I missed, please share! See you this offseason.


Battleship Blast will not be happening alongside LA Fleet Week in May. There is still a slim possibility of a demo area for a limited number of teams to participate, but this is TBD.


Bummed that BB is the week before Throwdown :frowning:

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I was talking to 4414 members (Sessa) at AVR–the date is subject to change, at least as of AVR; 2023 dates have not been officially announced yet. @anshul ?

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Mike confirmed with me week 6 that we’re set on those dates. We worked together, with FIRST CA, to make this work without BB and TT being back-to-back. Back-to-backs are inevitable in the offseason, and BB and TT definitely split a team and volunteer base more than most other events.


Lines up with the discussion I had with him Week 5–he just needed confirmation to shift so they weren’t back-to-back. Good to know he got it! (And now to wait for volunteer signups to open.)

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As Jared said, the dates are official!

I will make an event thread soon. I ended up getting sick in Houston, so I need a few days :slight_smile:


Look at all those empty weekends. We should have another 5 socal events!


Thanks for posting this.

I’d like to call on all off-season event organizers to communicate clearly about any rule changes. We got caught off-guard last year by an unexpected change to the cargo pre-load at our first off-season. We knew that some off-season competitions were planning to make this specific change, so we checked Chief Delphi and the event website very carefully for any indication. Finding none, we prepared our auto routines based on the official rules. We didn’t find out otherwise until the drivers’ meeting, which is a little late to start reprogramming your autos.


@jaredhk can you add event links to your list of data?

I really wish the events would get volunteer links up soon. Not sure why that always seems to happen later.

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Sorry for the delay! I’ve added updated details for events:

  • New SF event (Sunset Showdown) announced
  • Added CalGames now that date and venue are confirmed

I’ve also added links per @rsisk’s request for team registration, volunteer registration, websites, and CD threads when available.


How does registration work for CalGames? Their website has zero information (even historical), and I can’t find anything from searching. Thanks!

make sure one of your mentors is on the WRRF email list and a jotforms link will get sent out there


WRRF mailing list Google Group link https://groups.google.com/g/wrrf-community?hl=en?hl%3Den&pli=1

Is it first-come-first-serve?

August 1st open registration is first-come-first-serve, June 15 round with volunteer slot preferencing process is application based.

I made a map: 2023 California offseason events - Google My Maps
Locations are approximate.


CalGames 2023 information (including sign up link)

Website is also live now


Sunset Showndown canceled


Many additional details added :slight_smile: