2023 Championship - Houston Crime Warning

Houston has experienced an increase of crime over the last few years. There have been a handful of reports of stolen catalytic converters from FRC teams at different Houston FRC events in 2023.

Take steps to protect vehicles and trailers.


One of our team cars was broken into by a smash n grab last year downtown. A few students’ bags were stolen along with a school administrator’s bag. We know better now but just be super careful to other teams!

We had our trailer broken into last week at the hotel. Good news is we had unloaded already. Apparently, the perpetrators did not want a bottle jack or spare tire because that was all that was left, and they left those alone.

Previous year same hotel parking lot one of our mentors had their catalytic converter stolen.

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We had this happen to us as well. While at a restaurant our van was broken into and everyones bags were stolen.


Don’t leave anything of value visible through the car windows. It costs the thief nothing to break a window. Basic big city life.


Team info should be on the roof of the trailer, and Apple airtags don’t hurt.


We had the catalytic converter stolen on our rental truck last year

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Or anything that looks like it could be valuable. A backpack full of buttons is indistinguishable from a backpack full of electronics.

If it’s important, bring it with you.


Sign from Detroit champs 2019

We’re actually bringing a sample shield we make and sell, as our main fundraiser (not grants and other similar sources of our funding). It was recommended by our Impact Award judges to bring some samples of our Special Projects part of our program. :call_me_hand:


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