2023 Charged UP Robot Funnies

Alright guys, its time to see the hilarious times (maybe not so hilarious at the time) our lack of attention, dorky logic, or “oneoff” circumstances led to something truly hilarious. I’m expecting to see flapjacked robots, yeeted charge stations, and any video evidence of hilarity. I’ll start:

Our second match, things were humming along nicely, when our extendo motor experienced an
intermittent wiring fail which led to the motor not being able to brake mode the end effector, leading to this (watch red 3630):


Hahahah 6045 accidently took out one of the refs stations in a qual match.
(Bottom left)



Yall know what I mean.

In our last qualifier at GNR, Q85, 3293 balanced the wrong charge station during auto. Watch the red robot in the middle.




Happens a couple times an event so far, in my experience

Though I should really find the match at OC where 4415 just about got me and put that up…


we caused a field fault by whacking a panel off of the charge station, that was pretty goofy

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Edit: I thought he was referring to the 6045 ref station scenario, my bad!

No, they don’t disabled. They just assign penalties. We were awarded 41 penalty points, plus 12 charge station points. It’s against the rules to cross onto the alliance’s side, to touch their game pieces, to touch their charge station, and to touch their robot.

In the end, the charge station points mattered for the RP, but the 53 penalty points were not needed for the win.

Whoops, I replied to the wrong one. I was actually talking about the 6045 smashing the scoring console.

Do they not disable a robot for doing that anymore? We accidentally did that in 2014 and were disabled nearly immediately.

(Might help if I reply to the correct post this time)

This is one of the slowest disables I’ve ever seen. 45 seconds to disable a dangerous robot is way too long to actually reduce the risk of danger in any meaningful way.

:joy: bummer I edited my post too soon!

Yes, it’s a disable but an extremely slow one in this case, 6045 didn’t get disabled until much later. 6574 hit the ref stand on the other side of the curtain in Duluth and had the same happen to us, but in our case, it was closer to 15-20 seconds after it happened.

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Still a disable. Can take a bit to fire it off, though. Depends on HR/Scorekeeper communication speed.

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Yep, I just didn’t watch it far enough. Looks like about 50 seconds to disable. 2014 had a lot less going on, so it probably didn’t as much effort to disable a robot while keeping track of everything else.

How fast was the bot going when that happened? From the stands it looks like y’all didn’t send it into the charge station.

We spent almost the entirety of Midwest DE Match #12 with our elbow chain broken and our lower arm flopping around like a dead fish. We elected to play something mildly resembling defense and somehow managed to limit the penalty damage to 1 or 2.

Somehow the alliance still won the match.


Hey, that’s me! (scorer)

7657 (blue alliance center) tries to celebrate balancing? Also, 7457 (red) decides to take a nap.