2023 Crib Sheet?

I know in years past ('17 and '18, specifically), the Game & Season Materials page has had a crib sheet–a short summary of the rules and associated penalties. This was typically used as a study resource for teams, as well as a reference sheet for referees.

However, I was not able to find this resource on the 2023 Game & Season Materials page. Is there an official, publicly available crib sheet for the 2023 season? Or is this resource discontinued or only available to referees?

I haven’t seen one. @petercooperjr has posted one for the year, can’t recall the thread quickly or I’d hunt it down.

I haven’t seen an official public cheat sheet in years.

ChargedUpQuickReference.pdf (67.5 KB)

This it?


That’s Peter’s.

There are a bunch of unofficial resources in this thread:

And yes, one of them is mine:

I agree, there was a year or two, some time back, where there was an “official” sheet, but now there are only unofficial ones.