2023 Digital Strategy Board

A bit late into the season but made a strategy board last night. Thought I’d share for teams who might prefer a digital version.


Some not obvious feature notes:

  • One-deep undo by double tapping (drawing only)
  • The clear button clears the drawing first, click it again to clear game pieces
  • Set a team number to 0 to remove that robot

This is really cool! I wish we had this to use at our events. One piece of feedback though, the alliance swap isn’t correct since the field is mirrored, it should rotate the field image by 180 degrees instead of flipping colors.

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Thanks for the feedback! I just fixed an issue with incorrect driver station positions when flipping, if that’s what you meant. Otherwise, the alliance flip is just so users can be out of the way of the toolbar, so it is intended to be a color swap.

That’s the thing. The field will always be blue on the left and red on the right. The field isn’t rotationally symmetrical, so it can never be the other way around.

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Oh I see what you mean now.

Proper alliance flipping has been added, thanks for the catch!

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A new issue that I’ve found: on a tablet the board loads in super zoomed in, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get it to scale correctly.

What browser and tablet are you using? I’m not sure why that would be happening, have you tried rotating your screen?

Safari. Neither of the iPads I tried are particularly new. But rotating the screen didn’t help.

I’m sorry I’m not sure why this is happening. I tried one more fix, let me know if it helped at all.

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