2023 Driver's Test - Charged Up

(I apologize for providing this so late in the build season but hopefully you can use it to ensure your drivers are prepared for your events)


For many seasons now I have designed and supplied the community with a rules test for their drivers. Every year I love hearing from the hundreds of people and teams who use it so I hope this year’s test will be just as useful for you!

Each season my mission with the test is to help teams ensure their drive team members are fully competent with the rules of the game, know the game’s lingo, and can think through various scenarios. It is designed to be difficult and covers the topics I would want my drive team members to know. Questions are pulled primarily from the game manual but some could come from updates and the Q&A. Feel free to point out if there are any mistakes, places where you feel more testing is needed, or questions you feel are unfair/confusing, and I’ll be happy to look into updating it.

Here is also a link to the PDF version online (through Google Drive):

2023 Charged Up Driver’s Test
(Reach out to me if you would would like to have the test in a Word doc instead or can’t access the file on Google Drive for some reason)

Since we are so close to the competition season, I will be providing the answer key publicly:

2023 Charged Up Driver’s Test - ANSWER KEY
(I HIGHLY encourage you to fully take the test and then check your answers. It will not be nearly as useful if you have both the test and answers open and are jumping back and forth anytime you get stuck. If you get stuck then think it through, take a guess, and learn!)

Feel free to use the test however you would like, alter it to better fit your needs, or take questions for a test you are designing yourself.

I hope this is of value to your team and good luck with the rest of your season!


question 13 in the answers doesn’t have a number which causes the numbers to not match up

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I think the answer to question 21 (20 is answers) b and c may be incorrect per G207, contact with an opponent robot while partially on the charge station (part of the community)


Good catch! Let me correct that now.

Ah, very true! Let me contemplate how to rewrite this one.

Thanks for pointing them out!

That opens the G201/G207 worm can. Per G201, if it looks like it was their intent to give you penalties rather than to go over/onto the Charge Station, they get penalized and you don’t. But, that’s a very highly situationally-dependent call.

On top of b and c being the same situation at different times of the match and having the same outcome as a result… @Arevan I think you’re right that you need to rewrite the question.

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I don’t like cans of worms in a driver’s test! I made some edits which should now be shown in those links. Let me know if you catch anything else!

I’m going to bump this because I’ve had people reaching out to ask about it.

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Can I get the MS Word version of this test? I would like to add a few more questions on robot conduct rules for my team. You can email it to [email protected].

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I’ll just upload them here for anyone to use:

2023 Charged Up Driver’s Test.doc (1.6 MB)
2023 Charged Up Driver’s Test - ANSWER KEY.doc (1.7 MB)

It seems unlikely that the test will go through anymore changes but if it does then the most up to date version will be on the Google Drive links in the main post.



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