2023 Falcon Updates and Availability

Is there an ETA for the next batch of falcons?


Like I said, there’s more to it but our school actually agreed with the formation and didn’t remove their sponsorship. We do have to pay insurance (in specific cases) and some other stuff but it’s not anything major. As far as I have been told it was less headaches for everyone involved.


Sorry, I don’t know anything except anxiously awaiting word from the coach that we stop waiting because we have them or don’t.

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Sorry, meant to reply directly to topic, not your post.

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Based on the previous post by @DRow, it sounds like the “next” batch of Falcons will be in 2024.


This is sad to hear.
This is the harsh reality of FIRST these days with respect to supplier shortages.
If you dont have an option beyond the regular school Purchase Order process, you are not going to have the slightest chance of getting anything in high demand this year.
We’ve been there, and I’ve spent so much time and effort over the years, being able to get things that we need on a dime.

I would love to help our local teams get what they need. Its happened many time over the years where teams need something immediately, and they order or pay us back later when they are able to. Every region should do this to support their local areas.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of products of high demand now, being sold that are limited or impossible to get for others this way. *sigh


And it’s a disgusting reality that should be unacceptable.
Our school would have been able to purchase 10 falcon motors with a purchase order.
If they didn’t go out of stock in 2 minutes.


We managed to get around it this year by having a PO ready far ahead of the purchase. Had NEOs, new RIO, etc put in way before restocking happened so i could push the button as soon as items were available. Worked this year but i understand why it might not be possible for all teams since there might be rules limiting how early a PO can be written. Still though, it doesnt solve the issue for last minute needs or things we figure out will be useful after the game reveal. Not to mention (at least for us) Hawaii shipping times.


These larger FIRST suppliers really should find a way to make their products available in a fair and equitable way. For limited availability items, that might mean making them available in smaller lots more frequently, giving teams the ability to place a 2-week “hold” on an item so they can get it through the schools purchasing system, putting tighter constraints on number of items purchased per lot, etc. I’d love to see all teams at least have the opportunity to get what they need, and not be shut out because they can’t just put it on a credit card with only 24 hours notice.


Hi All,

Unfortunately we at CTRE have a not-so-fun update on our Falcon Restock planned for today.

This morning our fulfillment center experienced a power issue that means we cannot fulfill orders. We expect this issue to be resolved later today or over the weekend, so to ensure the quality of the Falcon ordering launch we have made the difficult decision to delay availability of the Falcon 500 stock. Other orders can still be placed but will not be fulfilled until full power is restored.

The new planned restock date is Monday 1/30/2023 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate unexpected issues.


We got word yesterday from WCP that they won’t honor the price we PAID in September for our falcons, and that they will send us an invoice for the difference. This is BAD practice if you already took the money. If it’s a reservation, that is one thing, but we already paid.


Yet another reason why pre-orders are evil.


It might be that Vex upped the price to them. In the capitol equipment world (which Falcons are starting to reach :slight_smile: ) the final price is subject to the raw cost variation. Of course that is in the purchase contract. It would be interesting to see if WCPs terms and conditions of sale allow them to change the price on pre-ordered items.


See the discussion in this thread: Back ordered falcon 500’s not staying at original price

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We do apologize to everyone about the price change. I could go on about this but end of the day it’s our fault and we’ll do a better job in the coming months. We offered each of our customers these options:

-cancel and full refund
-change qty and we’ll refund them difference
-leave qty and bill the difference.

I want to be transparent about the options for each customer. We take this seriously and believe me I’ve been personally thinking about this for weeks and we hope the changes we are making will show soon


Will WCP continue to sell Falcons, or after you get through your backorders, will WCP stop selling them?

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What is done by default if there is no response from the team regarding preference?


Has anyone received a shipping confirmation after making an order with Vex this week? I need to close out the betting pool and we are having an argument over what constitutes “in-stock”.


Keeping fighting the good fight for both of us buddy.

I say this with absolutely no bias. /s


Woah buddy I’m the one managing the bets here. That said, neither of us won for those wondering.

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