2023 FIM World declines

I could not find a spot where anyone is tracking declines for this year. We are 9 spots below and are sitting on potential buyers for tickets so declines are critical time sensitive info for us.


They asked teams at MSC to let them know if they are not going, so I hope you’ll hear soon.

Cannot confirm for them, but 5462 told me they were declining.

Cmon 1918 :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

2611 (rank 83) has declined.

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Keep up hope, but prudence says to prepare for the worst.

From what I can tell in 2017 (St. Louis) there was one decline.
In 2018 and 2019 – obvious exceptions since they were in Detroit – there were no declines.
2022 in Houston is also an oddball with the four day turnaround had seven declines.

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Looks like 573 (Rank 90) received an invitation.


Is this posted anywhere? We are ranked 91, and I figured there was no chance. I still don’t see any official declines on the FIM Website. FRC Event Web : 2023 FIRST In Michigan District


We (5462) declined over a week ago.

Our Lead Mentor called Gail and she confirmed that we are next on the list (Rank 91) but she believes all spots have been confirmed now.

Can confirm, we received our notice this morning.


We just got invited this morning (Rank 91). Apparently one of the pre-qualified teams above us wasn’t being counted properly, so it opened up one more spot.


I’m not sure you can get any closer to getting a bid to worlds than we did last night. At least we can put these money finding efforts towards swerve for next season.

Good luck to those attending!

I hope we can meet up again soon. Our time together was too short.

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