2023 FIRST Choice spreadsheet 2023

Rd 1 summary from my python script. No spot checking completed yet, but handy to look at all the information at once.

comments/suggestions enabled, so feel free to correct/add anything you think is relevant. If you’d like to be able to sort columns, please make a copy of the spreadsheet.


I have updated the spreadsheet with what’s available post round 1 (see new tabs). Based on availability of current items and their cost we can say the following:

total credits spent round 1 1172570
credits available round 1 860
floor of teams using FIRST choice 1363.453488

Could maybe make a poll to try to get a better idea of average number of credits spent. I suspect it’s more somewhere between 500-750 based on some chats with some other friends.


I have updated the spreadsheet to have the information for Round 2 in a round 2 tab.

I have not completed the comparison to see what’s different between the rounds yet.


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