2023 FRC Charged Up Teaser Breakdown

Let me know what you think!

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“The teaser does not mean anything for the game” ???

They’re cryptic, for sure, but in retrospect most recent teasers reveal quite a bit about the game.

Cool to see people making new content, for sure. I’d recommend you lower the background audio while you’re talking as it’s hard to hear your voice over some of the music.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the RR teaser had nothing to do with the game… at all (even in retrospect)


Rapid react was different because they had to retrofit a previous game (meant for a playground theme) into the transportation theme. I believe before that it was more accurate.


Yes but in years past the teasers have revealed quite a bit. I remember Steamworks everyone was analyzing that background image with a magnifying glass and finding all sorts of clues.

Yeah, those are valid points for sure.
I think what I meant by that is we like can’t be certain on anything till the game. But I will say, I don’t think this year’s teaser is giving much hint into what the game is.

**we can be certain till we get the game

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I spent a little too long trying to remember what the teaser for Recycle Rush was, before I remembered there wasn’t one (not like we have today), and that you are in fact, referring to Rapid React :sweat_smile:


I agree with Jedi-4
The Deep space Teaser had little to do with the actual game. Many were thinking the field might go back to a Hexagon, or have a conveyor belt.

Power up Teaser & Poster had stairs/levels many teams designed stair climbers.

Infinite Recharge teasers had very little connection or clues.

Recycle Rush had a teaser. they took the rule book from 2014 and threw it into a recycling bin

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The 2020 teaser gave away the game piece (yellow ball) almost immediately…


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