2023 FRC Off-Season Spreadsheet

Hello All, after a fairly warm reception last year, and lots of questions about if I would make another one for this year, I am happy to provide this resource as a list of FRC Events and their information for the 2023 Off-Season!

If you have any information for events that can be added, updated, corrected, or just have questions, please leave a comment on the spreadsheet or you can comment/message me on here or at my email (located at the top of the spreadsheet).

Feel free to use or copy any information on here, the main goal is just to collect information on all of these events (as well as maybe promote some of my own events) as a resource for other people.

This is a living document, and will be updated as the off-season progresses and more information becomes available, so please remember to be respectful!

2023 FRC Off-Season Events


This is super helpful!! Thank you Matt :slight_smile:


Valuable information!


No Hawai’i off-season?
Would apply if during the late summer…

There will be an off season event in Brazil in August. Information is yet to be released. SESI (First Operator in Brazil) has already confirmed the event.


That’s awesome! When details are released, please let me know!

NMRC Championship 10/27-10/28

30 South Dr, Babbitt, MN 55706

Cap 24 teams ( need to be NMRC members)


Hi we have a Brazil OffSeason Event.

Date: 03,04,05 August 2023
Name: SESI International Robotics Festival
Address: Av. Infante Dom Henrique, S/N - GlĂłria, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20021-140
Slots - 20 for brazilians teams and 10 for non brazilians
Open - Yes
EC: Luciana Baroni Gondim
EC email: lbaroni@sesicni.com.br


Do you have a website where teams sign up, or is it by contacting the EC? Do you have a cost for robots to enter?


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On the sheet it has Brunswick Eruption as a two day event, is that accurate? The Facebook post shows just the one day.

Team 5924 will also be hosting an offseason event this year!

Date: 7/21-7/23
Name: Sunset Showdown
Address: 2001 37th Ave,
San Francisco, CA 94116
State or Region: CA
Cost: $350
Registration Open?: Yes
Link: Team 5924 - Golden Gate Robotics
Notes: $200 for additional robots


We don’t have a registration site, because teams from Brazil received invitations. If your team outside of Brazil is interested in participating and needs more information, don’t hesitate to send me a DM and an email to the EC.

This is the chance for your team participate in the tournament outside the traditional centers.
We are organizing it with great care so that everyone has a FIRST experience. In addition to being based in a wonderful city and country.

PS - So far we have no registration costs.

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The dates on the sheet include Field Set Up/Load In days if those are shown anywhere, but I recommend on checking the link for the exact scheduling/days.