2023 FRC Queue registration is now open for lead queuers

FRC Queue is a communication and queue management app designed to improve the team experience at events.

Nine events during the 2022 offseason trialed FRC Queue, reaching almost 300 teams. More than 17,000 text messages and 1,000 Slack messages were sent to queue 626 matches. For more information about the results of the trials check out the trial report.

FIRST has approved the use of FRC Queue at official events. Registration is now open for lead queuers if they would like to use FRC Queue this season- use of the service is completely optional for both queuers and teams.

If you’re a lead queuer, please check with the local leadership and the FTA of the event before registering your event(s) at frcqueue.com/queue.


I really liked having FRC Queue at STEMley Cup. It worked great after we figured out how to use it right :slight_smile: The feedback we got was really positive.

If this takes off, do you have a plan to keep it running sustainably even if your interest turns to other things? How will you manage hosting and maintenance long term?


I’ve been maintaining a niche FRC website for 8 years- I don’t expect to lose interest anytime soon!

Of course if the project is still providing value by the time I need to move on it will be properly transitioned.


The VC at South Florida, who is also been a Lead Queuer in the past, has told me that we will be using FRC Queue at the event. I also have the intent to use at Midwest and FLR. I would also like to use it at Greater Pittsburgh if I get assigned Lead Queuer. I have no say what happens at Colorado or New York Tech Valley since I am not Lead Queuer and it is not my place to suggest anything at those events. For the Championships I think FIRST has to make the call to use the App.


FRC Queue was amazing at Beach Blitz. It made the whole event experience so much nicer for our entire team. It let us spend as much time at the practice field as possible, without stressing about missing a match. It let pit repairs be as high quality as possible, while minimizing stress (as much as possible while replacing a major subsystem at least). In general, FRC Queue removed so much stress from the event and let our team compete at the highest level we could. I implore all Lead Queuers to implement FRC Queue whenever possible.


Here’s a beta feature which will be used at a small number of events this season:

Technical help requests

  • Teams can request technical help via a web form
  • An “FTA Notepad” can be used by field technical staff to log robot issues and optionally request Control Systems Advisors to follow up
  • CSAs are notified of technical help requests via Slack

If you’re an FTA interested in this feature and your event will be using FRC Queue, email [email protected] to request access to the “technical help requests” beta.


Will you list events that have registered?

frcqueue.com will list all events currently running that are using FRC Queue. If you want to know if an event will have FRC Queue ahead of time, I recommend getting in touch with local leadership as that’s the only way to know for sure if they intend to utilize the service.


As a CSA, I really enjoyed using this feature at CAPH. It allowed us to spend a lot of time in the pits with teams who needed help without feeling we had to be field-side as well.
Unfortunately, at my second event the FTA didn’t want to use it.

I didn’t know about this feature, and I don’t think anyone else did. Does it work without the FTA’s co-operation? Do teams get told about it?


Glad you found it useful. It works as long as the FTA sets up a CSA slack channel.

At Hueneme Port we did post some QR codes around and asked some of the key volunteers to direct teams to it if they needed a CSA and a few teams did use it.

Increased visibility and training will help a lot here in the future

Including a similar feature for Robot Inspectors would be fantastic. Head ref often needs RI’s to review a robot in the pits post-match for things like bumper issues or robot extensions. RI’s are also usually the CSA’s counterpart for mechanical issues at an event.

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You ought to be able to flag the robot for re-inspection in GMS, but the workflow is a little choppy, and isn’t usually directly accessible to the head ref.

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