2023 FRC Team 180 SPAMalytics Scouting System v0.0

Here is the 2023 release of FRC Team 180’s SPAMalytics Scouting System (I miss calling it the Poor Man’s Scouting System)

The SPAMalytics Scouting System is offered for teams who want to scout, but don’t have the resources to pull together their own system (yet).

It is easy to set up and run. All you need is to print off one Scouting Sheet pdf for each team in your event. We’ve found the printing on Legal (14" x 8-1/2") paper and attaching them to manila folders makes it easier to write on.

You have you choice between using the MS Excel or Google Sheets version for your data storage and analysis.

Good luck to everyone. Stay Charged Up, and HAVE FUN!!!

Link to Google Sheets version

2023_Scouting_Database_v0.0.xls (5.8 MB)
2023_Scouting_Sheet_v0.0.pdf (530.2 KB)
2023_Strategy_Sheet_v0.0.pdf (428.6 KB)
2023_Thursday_Scouting_v0.0.pdf (288.1 KB)


I made some updates to the Sheets version today.

  • Accidentally deleted too many cells when cleaning out my test data. Oops. The formulae are back from their brief vacation
  • Added a sheet for pit scouting
  • Adjusted the columns to match the scouting sheet

If you made a copy of the sheet previously, you’ll want to copy it again from SPAMalytics 2023 - Google Sheets to get the changes.


Competition season is here, and we’re first out of the gates at the South Florida Regional.

As we have in the past, SPAM will be publishing our scouting data real-time here:


You might notice some new sheets towards the back. In addition to our normal efforts, we’re testing out some basic cycle based scouting in South Florida. You’ll see a printable sheet for tracking cycles, a data entry sheet for recording them, and a summary sheet with basic statistics. It’s not quite ready for prime time, so we won’t be adding it to the main sheet just yet.

Good luck, everyone! Especially our fellow Week 1 teams!

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Is it possible for us to modify the column headers? Say we wanted to track cones and cubes scored separately, and dont care about defense from a quantitative perspective.

It is possible, You can simply change the column headers in the affected tabs and the coefficients in those columns in the Effective Score tab. you will also need to update the scouting sheet to avoid confusion. PM me if you want a copy of the files used in updating the Scouting sheet. The will likely be a v1.0 released based on the results of our experience at our week 1 event.

Could I get some insight into what the “starting location” and “Robot Preload” are defined as, and where they are used in calculations?


Also could you give a bit of insight into the Defense performed and defense encountered metrics?

We like tracking where a team starts their bot as well as whether they choose to preload a piece. This year, you can place your robot anywhere in the Community, so the locations are a bit more vague than usual. We took to numbering the teams 1, 2, and 3 starting away from us. Knowing where they like to start is useful in planning autonomous routines with future partners. This isn’t included in our Effective Score calculation.

For preload, our scouters would record 0 or 1 depending on if the robot started with a game piece. In our Effective Score calculation a preloaded game piece is given the same weight as an acquired game piece.

Maybe the most useful part of these pre-match categories is that they get a scout’s eyes on their robot immediately, before things start moving around and getting hectic.

The effectiveness of a defender is hard to evaluate live, so we ask our scouters to just identify when it’s being played, a Defensive Maneuver. If we decide our playoff strategy will include a defender, teams that are often defending are reviewed and evaluated.

Defense Encountered, when a team has to avoid, fight through, or is stopped by defense, can be useful for planning and drafting as well. Again, matches with significant numbers are usually reviewed later rather than asking a scout to try to make an evaluation real-time.

Thanks - One more question,

why are the default ES Coefs for charging station 0? Is this simply data you don’t want to account into your ES?

The ES Coefficient for the Charge Station is 0, because that data is determined from a table lookup.

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Ah okay thank you!

Here’s our Orlando sheet for those wishing to follow along:

Orlando is here, and Tallahassee is around the corner. Any adjustments now are going to hold through Tally. Our scouts had a tough time seeing the field and following the action in South Florida, so we’ve tried to accommodate them. Less data to collect means their eyes can be on their robot more. We removed the Acquired and Dropped categories from both autonomous and teleop, as well as the Defense Encountered category. What’s left is probably the minimum data I’d be comfortable making match strategy and alliance selection decisions with.

Warren posted the necessary pdfs and the Excel version here.

It’s time for Champs! S.P.A.M. is in the Curie Division this year, so here’s our sheet for those who need it:

Good luck, everyone!

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