2023 Game Hopes and Dreams

As build season approaches, and the teaser on the horizon, what are your hopes and dreams for the 2023 season?

I’d encourage everyone who replies to this thread to go beyond “pick and place” versus another shooting game. (I personally am ready to not shoot a ball) Think bigger, bolder, what do you want to see in 2023?

My List, No Order

  • Something different in Autonomous timing. Make it longer, Shorter, two periods with a delay in between, something other than 15 seconds of Autonomous Operation

  • Alter the ranking structure. When additional RP’s were added beyond just winning the match it was really cool. It was also over 10 years ago. Explore other options to rank the performance of teams. As frustrating as CoOp RP’s were at times it was a fun twist. Keep twisting.

  • Blow us away. I know I’m an older mentor around here but the 2022 game was a bit of a let down when I first saw it. It turned out to be a really fun game but it was also pretty thin strategically. It was safe. I’d like to see them take a risk like 2015. I’m not saying split the field but shake it up. I think we’re post COVID (minus the supply chain issues lingering) and ready to rock and roll.

What are your hopes and dreams?

  • A creative climb (again). Climbing was one of the highlights of this season, and I saw a lot of really creative designs. I hope this continues next seasons.
  • More than one game piece. Hear me out - imagine having a ball game and a pick and place game simultaneously. Or, any other combination of pieces. Teams would have to choose whether to go for quick ball cycles (for example), or slower but higher scoring pick and placing. Or, make a robot with both!
  • A non ball shaped game piece
  • Innovative spins on the FRC formula like the 2018 Vault + Powerups
  • elevator/arm game and no I don’t care if you greybeards think elevators are a solved problem, none of my current kids have built an elevator
  • Minibots, just without the race, and a different challenge

I’m really hoping the new vision system with AprilTags works out. There has been a lot of work done over the summer and I think it is really promising and will really elevate the ceiling of FRC.


i am here for the minibots/deployable field interaction

as luck would have it, apparently First hates FTC now so that shouldn’t be a problem this time around


I just want an elevator game.

It is my hope.

It is my dream.

  • A game piece that is easily sourced
  • A field with easy to replicate elements or at least something with a reasonable facsimile
  • Bonus RPs that can all be legally accomplished with two or less functioning robots (looking at you 2016 and 2018)
  • The removal of the cable bump or at least the return of it being mirrored on the field.
  • I would love a pick and place that somehow recycles the scoring element back on to the field like most shooting games do

I’d like to see a game in which a non-swerve team that doesn’t score every way possible has a chance to get to CMPs. Like some of those super quick and effective 2017 gearbots did.


Maybe not the time or thread for this but 4481 was the number 1 seed at South Florida a tank drive, low goal robot with a mid climb. They switched to one low one high for elims but they didn’t have to and would have won the event sticking to low goals only.

Even if we would have seeded first we still would have picked them because the stats said to. Sure there is a world of difference between a week 1 regional winning team and teams who have to stay competitive through a whole district season but it was very possible to get to champs this year through robot merit and not be a do everything robot.


I want a game where there are multiple objectives. It allows lower-level teams (like mine) to not directly compete with the main teams, but still contribute greatly.


Strategy heavy game. More real time decisions, less do the same thing 100 times.


Gonna second this. Apriltags have been awesome to watch develop, and depending on how they’re implemented they could totally shake up how the game is played.



  • im hoping for a game that has a somewhat open field for swerve but atleast one that doesnt involve a shooting objective.

  • possibly using a donut shaped or ring shaped game piece in a pick and place game that requires a unique and exciting game structure to create an interesting match.

  • an end game that has never really been thought of, something really challenging and unlike anything weve seen before.

  • in addition to this complexity, a game that allows new teams with a disadvantage a task they can achieve.

(Maybe water game)

Greyt idea!

  • I want a game with different enough challenges that require different robots (building a good robot for challenge A makes it nearly impossible to be a good robot for challenge B)

  • I want swerve to be viable

  • strategically dense and dynamic

  • cylindrical game pieces


Bullet #1 is a dream for sure. That would be awesome.


I’d be interested in seeing a game where there are several autonomous periods, where robots are expected to line up or otherwise pathfind their way to be able to score a game piece autonomously. The goals only count if they score during these autonomous periods.

A “throughput” pick and place game, sort of like how 2017s fuel was “throughput” shooting. Unlimited stored game pieces, with large amounts being scored at once. I imagine something similar to FTC skystone game pieces, with robots trying to assemble and place stacks of them in cycles of several stacks each, with strategy of how many bricks/stacks could be carried each cycle.


No game piece. You play the game by racing to actuate field elements faster than the other alliance. A giant useless machine, where you play the frustrated mechanical hand.

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At a certain point we should reeeeeally open up to the idea of reusing previous games. The game-breaking designs (namely ramps) are illegal now; 2005 is nearly perfect for real time strategy, is easily understood by teams and the audience, and computer vision tech has finally caught up to what they were expecting.