2023 Game Speculation

What do you think?


Some kind of pick and place game. Maybe a Zipline for endgame


This right here would be my hope.


Some obstacle/scoring objective which requires a jumping robot since Climbers are not feasible for some reason.
(I would also like Human players to be on the field again like in 2017.)


My prediction is that it’ll have a wierdly shaped game piece (ie anything other than a ball) and a climbing endgame, though not on a bar. it’ll probably be more of a pick and place game than a shooting game since teams have been shooting for 2.5 games straight. I also think that field will be back to being split up between alliances like 2018 and 19, and it’ll be back to a more restricted field not as good for swerve


something cool that’s easy to explain to spectators - preferably with minimal theming. and before anyone says it, please no footballs, unless its picking and placing them.


I’m hoping for a 2016 style pick and place game maybe building something with other teams and then having to climb onto it? Might be too much but one where teams have to traverse obstacles again would be nice for rookies especially with the massive COVID brain drain most teams have been facing.


I really wouldn’t mind a pick&place with a long foam cylinder, similar to a chunk of oversized pool noodle, perhapse with a bit more mass. Something like this


Pick and placing rings on poles would be fun, especially if not all the poles were straight.

flag pole
horizontal “T” shape
zig-zag that forces you to change direction

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Prediction: Balls (or spheres of any type) will not be a game element.


im sure GDC would have a blast trying to find materials that wouldn’t get absolutely mangled to bits. Would be interesting if we had to stack them too.

Zipline would be a neat twist on an endgame!


Recycle rush 2.0? I hear everyone really enjoyed that game.


Bite your tongue!


I predicted 2022 would be foam rollers, and I’m pushing that to 2023. Placing foam rollers into bins, moving those bins to a separate area, then some sort of incline/zipline for an endgame. I also think the field will be designed similar to 2016 in that swerve will not be the be-all-end-all drivetrain as it is this year (yes, there are successful tank drive robots, but the vast majority of elite robots are swerve). Could also be a refreshing change to have no specific endgame challenge like 2014, and instead have something that ties into teleop gameplay like 2009.


My prediction: the game piece will be a foam shark around the size of power cells and the field will be a 26 foot by 56 foot pool that is 6 feet deep. The objective of the game will be to shoot the sharks through the water and into small hoops that are either blue or red for the respective alliance. The endgame will be 45 seconds long and it will be a climb requiring team’s robots to scale a pool ladder.


okay, get this: there’ll be balls on the field. also, a target somewhere. the target has an upper and a lower goal that you shoot balls into, and at the end of the game you get to climb onto a bar.



Hot take: I’m looking for something crazier than this year.

Don’t get me wrong, 2022 is an excellent game. Super simple to watch and explain, composed of elements teams know how to do well. An excellent choice for the first year out of a pandemic, with lots of teams doing a fresh restart.

But launching gamepieces and climbing in the last 30 seconds is so 2020. And 2018. And 2017. And 2016.

I wanna see a game with a simple, but crazy out-of-left-field challenge. And I think we’re due for it.

Maybe everyone has to do laps as fast as possible. Maybe an FTC-crossover minibot challenge. Maybe we get rid of the total size restriction again. Maybe we (dare I even say it) require everyone to use the same wheels.

IDK. I just feel like we’re in a rut of “if you can build a shooter and a turret and a swerve well, you’ll go far”. I wanna see more football-shaped bots and jumpbots. Maybe I’ve got the means to do it all wrong, I know all those things I mentioned were some flavor of “bad”. But I kinda just wanna see it again.

Also fiducials for vision and pose. Please please please please give us fiducials.


Isn’t 2023 is the first year they could take inspiration from the game design challenge?
I absolutely loved 694’s game “Rhythm Remix”, 341’s game “HyperHive”, and 3847’s game “Roll Up” and I would love to them become parts of real games.


as a human player, i like this idea